GUEST POST: The Church, Her Music, My Thoughts – By @MrOlumatiI

Personally I listen to all things music. I understand that we are in a competition, I cannot afford to be content with all I know. I must know what the other person knows to give a good fight or superior argument.

You know, you can only win a war when you understand the strategy of the opposition and spot their weakness. Music notes, sounds and its variations are many and universal, but the Nigerian Church music has been limited to only a few progressions, chords and variations.

The sound is monotonous and the content predictable. The resistance to change in sound and content is high.

Of course, culture is hard to change especially when that culture spans through many years, and is birth out of religious conviction and when righteous indignation emerge, it is a near hopeless case.

The church will win if it understands these simple truth;

– The music is by you, but not for you. I understand the dimensional implications and the theology around gospel music. But you see, that theology is useful, more for self, the greater population really do not care, and they just want good music without a class.

– “The World” as we know it, is not the people we see daily. It is the culture of the people, their preference, individuality and their traits.

– We must understand needs of the people in music and understand this needs in specifics, then seek to fill it consciously.

– We must also know that this generation of music makers do not necessarily work by inspiration. They have mastered the art of repeating excellence following a set of principles.

Stop the trial by error which you later hand over to the Holy Spirit forcing heaven to honor mediocrity in the defense of her name.


Olumati Isaiah.C is a Creative strategist focused on brands, business and social media with a knack for transforming ideas into products, markets and systems. A thought leader, entrepreneur, author and music business coach, with an academic background in Geology. He is Principal and founder Mirus Empire.

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