Are You Microwave Or Oven Baked?

Have you ever tried to microwave frozen pizza and 5 minutes after you put it in you realize that even though the crust is burning hot, the center is still quite cold and maybe still frozen? Now, take that pizza and put it into the oven and let the heat be turned on. It will cook evenly and you’ll get a better result.

Sometimes our lives are lived like microwave pizza. We want quick results. So we rush out of a difficult process because we believe we have learned enough to go on. Meanwhile, we are actually half-baked.

Don’t be in a hurry to get out of pressure. It’s a training process. If you have been called to leadership, you should be willing to endure the hardship of training. The Lord himself determines how much time you need to be prepared.  The pressure of training cuts off what you don’t need from your life. It cuts off habits that stop you from making progress, it cuts off character traits that hinder your relationships with people, it cuts off interactions that leave you ineffective.

I didn’t say it would be easy. It will require an uncomfortable ‘Yes’ and an uncommon commitment and an unyielding faith, but trust God and be willing to submit through the process. A better you will come out of the oven.


( Oh yes! In case you’re wondering… i do love pizza!) lol 😀

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