3 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The ‘Wrong’ Guys

If you keep falling for the wrong guys and hooking up with men you’re not supposed to touch with a ten mile pole, it’s probably because you haven’t figured out that you just might be the problem.

  1. You haven’t gotten to know yourself. – If you have not taken out time to meet you, understand you, accept what makes you tick, what drives you, what pisses you off, what you love, who you are and what your values are, you’ll fall into the shadow of anyone around you and before you know it, you’ll adapt to any guy you’re currently dating. You’ll lose your individuality because you never knew enough about yourself to assert yourself in the relationship.

  1. You Don’t Love Yourself. – Loving yourself is way beyond buying yourself a cute outfit or taking yourself out for dinner. It’s about taking a hard critical look at all the complexities that make you, you and making hard-line decisions to handle your business. It’s also about committing yourself to not settle for less than the best for yourself and holding yourself to the highest standard and knowing and accepting that you deserve to be valued and you deserve the best. If you love yourself, you will not accept to be a side chick. You will hold yourself to a higher standard than that.
  1. You have not learned to handle your insecurities: – So many young women are insecure about so many things. I used to be just like that. If you didn’t get the right kind of attention from your dad as a kid, maybe he was never around or he never gave you the affirmations and validation you needed growing up, you will find yourself continuously seeking that affirmation and validation in the men you date. That’s dangerous. Because there are men who see that insecurity easily and prey on it. That insecurity drives you to fall for any guy that shows you a little bit of affection and pays you attention. Before you know it, you have convinced yourself that he loves you and you’re in love with him. Check out your sexual history. It will speak for itself. Your insecurities make you have attachment issues. You’re so afraid of rejection you either avoid commitment like a plague or you over commit to the men you’re with.

Dear Young lady, it’s not too late though. You can make a turn-around for the better. I was exactly all I have just described, but here I am now. I am still not perfect but I had to face the cold hard truth and work on my issues. You can too. And remember, you’re beautiful and highly favored.




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  1. Insecurity must be some kind of demon because it’s evil effect can be felt in all areas of our lives. Nit just relationships.

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