My Pastor & My Money!

I’ll probably get roasted for this but what needs to be said, need to be said.
We get carried away by so many things in the 21st century Pentecostal Christian community and the earlier we realize how much we’re hurting ourselves the better.
The subject of money and giving has been a controversial issue within the church.

Perhaps it’s because church members feel ripped off when they see their leaders driving the latest cars, living in mansions, vacationing in choice countries and their kids getting educated in expensive schools. Church members wonder why they have to pay for their pastor’s expensive lifestyle while they struggle to make ends meet.

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GUEST POST: Every Man Has A Sound – By @MrOlumatiI


I looked at this picture and I was drawn to its intimacy. This photo which is credited to “Adforumco” caused some mild drama on the company’s thread when it was published. Majority of the people on that thread tried to talk down on the size of the bride and some other unprintable things were said. Isn’t it interesting how people will talk down what wouldn’t suit them rather than moving on and allowing others connect to what suits them?

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The Ultimate Teacher For Aspiring Radio Presenters

The best qualified person to develop your natural skills is a working and experienced radio presenter. The reason is simple: They already do it for a living, and they know what it takes to succeed.

Equally important, they provide you two vital components that few others can offer – access and leverage.

If you work with a mentor, you can access their relevant knowledge and contacts and leverage their broadcasting experience to work in your favor by shortening your learning curve. Their contacts indirectly become your contacts. Their experience is directly passed on to you.

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GUEST POST: The Church, Her Music, My Thoughts – By @MrOlumatiI

Personally I listen to all things music. I understand that we are in a competition, I cannot afford to be content with all I know. I must know what the other person knows to give a good fight or superior argument.

You know, you can only win a war when you understand the strategy of the opposition and spot their weakness. Music notes, sounds and its variations are many and universal, but the Nigerian Church music has been limited to only a few progressions, chords and variations.

The sound is monotonous and the content predictable. The resistance to change in sound and content is high.

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Are You Microwave Or Oven Baked?

Have you ever tried to microwave frozen pizza and 5 minutes after you put it in you realize that even though the crust is burning hot, the center is still quite cold and maybe still frozen? Now, take that pizza and put it into the oven and let the heat be turned on. It will cook evenly and you’ll get a better result.

Sometimes our lives are lived like microwave pizza. We want quick results. So we rush out of a difficult process because we believe we have learned enough to go on. Meanwhile, we are actually half-baked.

Don’t be in a hurry to get out of pressure. It’s a training process. If you have been called to leadership, you should be willing to endure the hardship of training. The Lord himself determines how much time you need to be prepared.  The pressure of training cuts off what you don’t need from your life. It cuts off habits that stop you from making progress, it cuts off character traits that hinder your relationships with people, it cuts off interactions that leave you ineffective.

I didn’t say it would be easy. It will require an uncomfortable ‘Yes’ and an uncommon commitment and an unyielding faith, but trust God and be willing to submit through the process. A better you will come out of the oven.


( Oh yes! In case you’re wondering… i do love pizza!) lol 😀

#1000HelpingHands – Help Get A 100 Children Back To School!

Over 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school, the largest globally. The Destiny Trust puts a face to this number; they are the children we encounter on the streets and disadvantaged communities.

#1000HelpingHands is a campaign of the Destiny Trust to support the education of at least 100 disadvantaged children every year by inviting 1000 People to give.

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Emotional Manipulation – The Silent Treatment

Have you ever been on the receiving end of “the silent treatment”? When a friend or spouse totally freezes you out and shuts down all communication and connection because of a perceived wrong or conflict? I think it’s one of the most devastating things to happen to a relationship.

The silent treatment is born out of a desire to inflict hurt. This person wants to ostracize you “to teach you a lesson”. According to psychologists, being given the silent treatment is also an effective form of emotional manipulation.

People who deal with conflict by meting out the silent treatment are described as emotionally immature or who has a desire to dominate but has a problem with effective communication. The only way they can “make you pay” for what you have done is by withdrawing emotionally and sometimes physically.

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GUEST POST: Confidence Was Nowhere To Be Found – By @Mr_Nkay

As written by Emmanuel Nkamare (Nkay)


Looking at my 17 year old self, saved and seriously involved in the church but barely with any personal direction for life or confidence. I realize now there was a problem with that, I was convinced that I had a duty to serve God but I couldn’t place a bet on his interest in my personal life, my dreams, the use of the gifts He had given me or my Joy as a person.

But fast forward 3 years later,  who would have thought that the songs He had put in my heart in the weirdest places like a bus or in the toilet would become praise anthems around the world among young people who looked up to me, or worthy of recognition by musicians I looked up to. That I’d be spotted out by an Artiste I looked up to and my life would change completely or that I would acquire a law degree and a masters a year after from one of the most recognized law institutions in the world.

If all these had been prophesied to me by a man of God I probably would have said amen but without any faith.

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My Name Is ‘Christian’.

Unapologetically Christian. That’s who I am.

I am a Christian because I have met You Lord and experienced your grace, your mercy and your unconditional love. I have experienced what it is to be rescued from certain death and brought back to life.

I have experienced being given a purpose and a reason for experience at a time when my life was empty and I was living in a shell.

But I am here Lord. You saved me. You cleaned me up. You gave me a platform, put me on a pedestal that I couldn’t have climbed by myself.

You gave me a name, you gave me an identity.

My name is Christian. My identity is Christian, because I am fashioned in the image of Christ.

3 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The ‘Wrong’ Guys

If you keep falling for the wrong guys and hooking up with men you’re not supposed to touch with a ten mile pole, it’s probably because you haven’t figured out that you just might be the problem.

  1. You haven’t gotten to know yourself. – If you have not taken out time to meet you, understand you, accept what makes you tick, what drives you, what pisses you off, what you love, who you are and what your values are, you’ll fall into the shadow of anyone around you and before you know it, you’ll adapt to any guy you’re currently dating. You’ll lose your individuality because you never knew enough about yourself to assert yourself in the relationship.

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#NewFavorite: ‘STAND’ – Diatonic


Check out this brand new sound from the music arm of the Parish Youth Church of the Pentecost Anglican Communion. The song; titled “Stand”, is the theme song of their forthcoming youth week program and the debut single off their soon to be released album.

The group is called DIATONIC, and the song features Propane of the C.I.A Rap Group.

Listen and Download guys! I love it!