The Nigerian Youth Is Made For More…

If i turn on the TV and i see one more singing or dancing competition ad, i think I’ll scream and punch somebody. As much as i don’t want this to sound like a rant, i can’t help but register my dismay at the proliferation of these “become instantly famous so called talent competitions”.
Nigeria’s youth population is already plagued by a non-functional educational system, an economy in recession,  a political class that have no use for them except during elections, an astronomical decline in morality and a lack of direction.

As much as these ‘talent’ competitions mean well and supposedly seek to inspire and give creativity expression, i sincerely believe the Nigerian youth have had enough.
Millions are spent on these shows and few if any lives or futures are directly changed.
Telecommunication companies and banks and all these big spenders that sponsor these competitions and parties will do well to direct their attention to the real problems the Nigerian youth population have; If they really want to empower the youth.

Rather than buy another singing franchise, why not sponsor an inter-school essay competition for primary and secondary schools? Why not pay for a science exhibition to encourage innovative tech ideas from young people? Why not sponsor libraries and computer labs across secondary schools and universities?

Creativity in our young people is beyond singing and dancing. At the moment, it looks like that’s all the Nigerian youth wants, but i know that’s not true.
If we really want to develop as a nation, we need to work together to actively pull up our young population from the pit of mediocre entertainment obsession and redirect their minds towards actual productivity, self-actualization and positive development.


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5 Replies to “The Nigerian Youth Is Made For More…”

  1. #true talk. Why can’t these spenders try something else apart from singing competition. I don’t understand them must we all be singers

  2. There are actually such competitions but they are not as well publicised/celebrated. You really have to know where to look to find them so you can cash in. The essay/science/mathematics competitions you hear about don’t have as attractive incentives as the music competition though. I like the article. It’s a good jolt for all of us stakeholders.

    1. You are right ‘Anon’. There are competitions like that. Unfortunately it doesn’t get the media attention, the huge budget and the incentive it deserves. Winners are not turned into automatic glamorous celebs, so it doesn’t look appealing. How sad. However i think that what we need is for the opportunities that come with participation in such a competition worth it, and be truly life changing. and that can only come with proper sponsorship. #Sigh.

  3. Hi there Fola, greetings to you.

    To me, this is one good thing you have done in a very long time!
    I mean, why do we always go about like “EVERYTHING IS OK!”
    Like Asa sang, “there is fire on the mountain.”
    It seems we are waiting for the worst to happen! Before we will realize that “boys are not smiling.” Apparently, all isn’t well!

    I feel you need to draw more people’s attention to this social ill, in disguise.

    Your voice and mine, is insignificant. Compare to the ocean of voices promoting this (in my words), ridiculous project/course.

    Forgive my language Falo. But I needed to do that ranting you were avoiding.
    I am pained by all that is going wrong.

  4. And who knew someone could bear my mind in black and white. I have a penchant grudge with what is becoming of our youths. We can’t even survive the proliferation of technology but this scourge of dancers and merry goers will lead us to an unprofitable end.

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