PODCAST: How To Be Single

Being single these days can be quite an uncomfortable subject for single people to talk about. Because society, the religious community and even social media public opinion have all concluded that it’s a phase of life to be embarrassed about. Single people have learned to describe themselves as “waiting”, “delayed”, and so many other erroneous adjectives.

On this episode of The Favored Woman Show, I talk about viewing being single in the right perspective. Listen, download & share with others!


Do Not Rejoice When…..

If you find yourself laughing at the misfortunes of others, you should examine your heart critically. Do you feel better now that you know someone else is not happy? Are you happy that you’re not the only one unhappy? A case of ‘misery loves company’?

How do you think God feels when you’re hurt? Do you think he laughs?

Your ‘enemy’s downfall is not proof of your righteousness.

Proverbs 24:17 

“Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall; don’t be happy when they stumble.”

Pain Filled Obedience

Dear God i have obeyed you. Why is everything now so horrible? I thought things are supposed to be fine after obedience. Why has it gotten worse?”

If you can relate to this, welcome to the realm of the mysterious wisdom of God.

Obedience is learned. And the lessons don’t come easy or cheap. With obedience comes spiritual authority and to get there, one must learn patience, and perseverance. How do you learn that if you do not go through difficulties?

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The Nigerian Youth Is Made For More…

If i turn on the TV and i see one more singing or dancing competition ad, i think I’ll scream and punch somebody. As much as i don’t want this to sound like a rant, i can’t help but register my dismay at the proliferation of these “become instantly famous so called talent competitions”.
Nigeria’s youth population is already plagued by a non-functional educational system, an economy in recession,  a political class that have no use for them except during elections, an astronomical decline in morality and a lack of direction.

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Own Your Issues….

Recently, I have watched myself grow as an individual, mentally and emotionally and I am excited to observe the change that is happening to me. There are lot of factors contributing to this growth but one of the major reasons is because I learned how to own my issues.

It has taken me a while to get here. To acknowledge the issues and the baggage I have and take responsibility for the actions and decisions I have taken as a result of those internal issues.

I grew up as an emotionally complex female with daddy issues, a barrage of insecurities, self-esteem issues and a severe hunger for acceptance and affection. As a result, extreme mood swings, anger and a borderline personality disorder were my companions.  I am creative and intelligent but I was a difficult person to deal with. I could not exactly make friends and I was quick to lose the few ones I managed to make.

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Prayer Does Change Things…

Prayer changes things. It does. It changes the mind of God. There is plenty of biblical evidence for that. Our prayers engage God’s intentions. He is responsive to our requests while still being God. He listens attentively to each of us and considers in an almighty way what he will do to alter difficult circumstances or bolster us so that we can get through them.

Prayer also changes our mind-set. We think about God when we pray to him. We think better about others when we are praying for them. We shrink overwhelming circumstances when we get our minds around them so we can express ourselves to God.

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Thoughts About My Feminism….

Isn’t it sad to see feminism reduced to cooking and house chore debates on social media? I think it’s even worse because young women “championing the cause” clearly have limited understanding of what Feminism is really about.

And then out largely patriarchal and selectively ignorant society also doesn’t help. As a result, Feminism becomes probably one of the most abused & misunderstood concepts in Nigeria.

Feminism for me, is all about EQUALITY. But there is a false understanding that when feminists are talking about equality they’re talking about being the same as men. But that is not it at all. Even the dumbest dummy knows that women are physiologically different from men.

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