GUEST POST: Misconception Of Success…

Whenever I ask young people like myself questions about the vision they have for their life, ambitions, dreams, etc., oftentimes, the response I get is something like; “My dream is to be very successful, wealthy, blah blah…” Crap! When I hear such, all my mind interprets is “my dream is to be very vain, confused and miserable.

First of all, most young people don’t even understand what success is, they measure it with monetary value. That’s why they lack vision. All they want is to make money,  to “blow”,  to “hammer”, and that’s why most of them end up miserable because they don’t even have a vision to guide them through life. Making money is not a bad thing. Infact, you should be wealthy, but wealth doesn’t define (or measure) success.

Success starts with having a vision for your life. A vision will always be born out of a passion in your heart to solve a problem, to make life better and easier, and to make the world a much better place. A vision is not self-centred, it focuses on building people up, and making life better for them. A vision impacts the lives of people. A vision brings positive change in the society (e.g: inventors of mobile phones, computer, internet, social media, email, medicines, etc. had these visions and they have made life easy by providing solutions that have impacted the world positively). The good thing about having a vision and sincerely focusing on it to impact lives is that, you will eventually get wealth. But mind you, there will always be temptation to measure your success by monetary value.

True success is in seeing your vision make tremendous impact in people’s lives and the society at large. It’s about accomplishing your set goals regardless of how much money you make. Money doesn’t bring fulfillment, that’s why you know of a lot of misersble millionaires. Success is not a destination, it is a journey. When you understand vision, and you walk in your purpose, you begin to see results (not money but impact), and this brings fulfillment in life. Real success always comes with fulfillment. And remember, the money will always chase you if you are concerned about making lives better. Having a vision should cause you to improve and add value to yourself, and people will always pay for your value, that’s why you need to expand your mind by reading books that help develop you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I pray that God will give you a vision for your life to run with. Without a vision, people live without direction and end up being miserable. Don’t let Hollywood define success for you, or your favourite artists or celebs. Focus on God and He will give you a vision for your life.


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