You Cannot Force Growth..

I have learnt that people will grow at their own pace and mature in their own time. You have to let people go through their own process. Your Christianity cannot be projected on someone else. Your salvation is personal to you. It won’t save your spouse, your kids or your friend.

As much as you desire for them to mature in faith, be strong or probably make lifestyle changes, you cannot impose your faith on them.

You can only pray for them, love them, teach them if you’re in a position to, and be there when they need you.

Otherwise, you leave them be.

Not That Easy To Be Like Jesus…


You know how we love the idea of ‘being like Jesus’? we sing it, preach it and pretend to even live it… but you and i know most of the time, we are so far from the real deal…

I read the above bible verse today and i had to pause and think about my life. simple sounding words but powerful enough to strike me in a very deep place.

When people take unfair advantage of me, i am usually motivated to stay away from them not practice the servant life. And i usually don’t pray for those who give me a hard time. But this right here is the core character change Jesus wants us to have.

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Hello From The Other Side…

Hi! So i have been waiting to use that line for a while now, and i thought this season will be a great opportunity. **laughs*

Seriously though, i have to apologize for not really posting as often as you probably expect. If you are following me on twitter or Instagram, you would have noticed i have been doing quite a bit of travelling. (Another reason why you should connect with me on social media right!? *laughs**)

It’s been quite an experience i tell you. It’s been my dream to visit Africa’s major cities and i’m not there yet, but you bet i’m seriously working on it. Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people and we hardly get to notice and appreciate how blessed we are.

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GUEST POST: Misconception Of Success…

Whenever I ask young people like myself questions about the vision they have for their life, ambitions, dreams, etc., oftentimes, the response I get is something like; “My dream is to be very successful, wealthy, blah blah…” Crap! When I hear such, all my mind interprets is “my dream is to be very vain, confused and miserable.

First of all, most young people don’t even understand what success is, they measure it with monetary value. That’s why they lack vision. All they want is to make money,  to “blow”,  to “hammer”, and that’s why most of them end up miserable because they don’t even have a vision to guide them through life. Making money is not a bad thing. Infact, you should be wealthy, but wealth doesn’t define (or measure) success.

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