Dear Young People, Please Don’t Be Stupid!

My attention was drawn to the report about the two young women who drowned at Elegushi Beach over the weekend. Very sad indeed.
I saw their friends and family calling on Government intervention to make our beaches safer. While i agree that public facilities like the beach need to be better safeguarded, maintained and protected, i strongly believe that we cannot afford to ignore personal responsibility.

I grieve for the untimely death of those two lovely young women and indeed our government need to do better. But then i couldn’t help but remember all the reports of young people dying by drowning at beaches in Lagos..

And that’s why i must address you young people who frequent such places.You are responsible for your own safety. You owe it to yourself to stay alive and protect yourself from avoidable injury.

No one is saying you should not have fun. but be wise. if you cannot swim, do not dive in the deep end of a pool or play in the ocean. The tides in the ocean are not playthings. they rush in suddenly and sweep you off your feet literally.

What are you doing on the beach at midnight? it’s a culture that has grown in Lagos that i find quite disturbing. When you are partying and full of alcohol is not the time to go playing on the beach with your feet in the water.

When you go clubbing, go with friends you know and trust, keep your cell phone charged and make sure you have credit, do not get in a car that you know the driver has been drinking..

Please, dear young people, stop engaging in risky behavior. I know you only get to be young once and trust me, i have been there. I have partied and rocked with the best of them and i can tell you that i was only kept alive by the grace of God.

Please be wise. enjoy your youth with wisdom. Don’t be stupid.

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