Addicted To Entertainment

Do you realize how many of us are addicted to being entertained? Look around you for a moment; the media is all about entertainment these days. More music, more drama, even the news is delivered sensationally to keep us entertained.

Cell phone companies are continuously developing new ways of giving us the ultimate entertainment experience. Social Media has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. Even the church has been sold this entertainment gospel.

Preachers have perfected the art of oratory, using a blend of imagery, metaphors & humorous anecdotes to make the sermon entertaining and appealing so at the end, we clap and cheer in excitement and feel good.

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National Celibacy Month: Why We Wait!


So the month of June they say, is national celibacy month. Well, let’s talk about it then.
Celibacy isn’t a fun topic to talk about.

Especially if you are celibate. Because in this society, it’s like saying you’ve chosen to live in the stone age while everyone else have moved on. You’re sneered at, laughed at, or worse, called a hypocrite and a liar. Because people just believe living a complete life without having a sexual relationship is impossible. (like sex is oxygen!?)

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Dear Young People, Please Don’t Be Stupid!

My attention was drawn to the report about the two young women who drowned at Elegushi Beach over the weekend. Very sad indeed.
I saw their friends and family calling on Government intervention to make our beaches safer. While i agree that public facilities like the beach need to be better safeguarded, maintained and protected, i strongly believe that we cannot afford to ignore personal responsibility.

I grieve for the untimely death of those two lovely young women and indeed our government need to do better. But then i couldn’t help but remember all the reports of young people dying by drowning at beaches in Lagos..

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