Start Believing The Truth!

If someone lies to you over and over again and you find out, how long after you found out do you think you’ll continue listening to such a person?  I bet you’ll immediately turn away right? Everyone places confidence in the truth.
If this is true in theory, why isn’t it true in our actual daily lives? We listen to lies all day even after we have been told the truth.

God is truth. His word is truth.  The world and everything in it is one big pack of lies.  But we oftentimes believe in the world and what obtains in the world’s systems because it appeals to our fickle emotions and feelings.

We believe in the theories and postulations of the world we live in and apply its systems to our lives because we can “understand” it. think about this: The one who made the world and everything in it including us, tells us to trust him to handle things on our behalf and we don’t believe he’s capable?

The world says nobody cares about you but he says  “I care”. And you don’t believe him?
We choose pain wrapped in glitter paper because all we can see is the fancy wrapping paper.

Real life, real joy a lot of times doesn’t come in sugar coated covering. It comes plain, steady, rock solid but sure. And it can only be found in the truth of God’s word.

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