When Your Security Fails… And It Will..!


Do you know what it means for the mountains to be moved and the hills disappear?

The mountains and hills that surround ancient cities are usually trusted and relied on by the military to aid in the city’s defence. They can be used as hiding places or used to launch strategic military attacks.

Now, God is saying even if the physical defences that you’ve mounted and relied on to protect you are no longer there, HIS LOVE CAN BE RELIED UPON to keep you protected and cared for.

Some have mounted and hid behind walls of financial security, friends, career and even romantic relationships. But what happens when all your defense mechanisms disappear? (In fact, God will make them disappear just to prove to you that HE is the only one to be trusted)

He said he’s made to you a covenant of blessings. That’s PROOF of his commitment to you. God is bound by his covenant. He’s a covenant keeper. He keeps HIS word.

So trust in that covenant. Leave the “security” of your hills and mountains and trust the one who has committed himself to loving you unconditionally.

PS.Read the entire chapter of Isaiah 54.

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