Start Believing The Truth!

If someone lies to you over and over again and you find out, how long after you found out do you think you’ll continue listening to such a person?  I bet you’ll immediately turn away right? Everyone places confidence in the truth.
If this is true in theory, why isn’t it true in our actual daily lives? We listen to lies all day even after we have been told the truth.

God is truth. His word is truth.  The world and everything in it is one big pack of lies.  But we oftentimes believe in the world and what obtains in the world’s systems because it appeals to our fickle emotions and feelings.

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EVENT: Rhyme And Reason; The Excision!


It’s the biggest Spoken word and poetry concert in Africa and you do NOT want to miss it!

This edition of Rhyme and Reason Concert, #TheExcision, promises to be an enlightening encounter, with the words of truth to cut out and remove whatever diseased mind-set we have gotten acquainted with.

Expect strong, intense, and fantastic performances to grace the stage and set it ablaze, with performances in rap, spoken word and more.

Nice, right? This is where it’s going down:

The Dome, Freedom Way, off Admiralty Way,
Lekki Phase 1,

Date and time: June 11, 2016, 4pm.

Admission is FREE, that is NO GATE FEE. All you have to do is register at:

PODCAST: About Love & Celebrity Relationships (2) With Yemi Alade

I am excited to be back on THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW this week. Maximum apologies for not recording last week. Please forgive me. (hehehe)

We continue our love and celebrity series this week with The beautiful Yemi Alade and the conversation touched on the subject of Happily ever afters, long distance relationships and so much more. Yemi also dished on her idea of a perfect relationship. You do not want to miss this one so hurry up, listen, download & share!


When Your Security Fails… And It Will..!


Do you know what it means for the mountains to be moved and the hills disappear?

The mountains and hills that surround ancient cities are usually trusted and relied on by the military to aid in the city’s defence. They can be used as hiding places or used to launch strategic military attacks.

Now, God is saying even if the physical defences that you’ve mounted and relied on to protect you are no longer there, HIS LOVE CAN BE RELIED UPON to keep you protected and cared for.

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When You Feel Like You’re Slipping


When you feel yourself slipping away from the path. When your energy is low and your emotions threaten to pull you apart, that’s the very time to come closer.

When you’re filled with doubts and scepticism and faith seems an impossible task, that’s the time you need to come and lay it all down.

When you’re overwhelmed, he knows and understands.

When you’re tired, he knows and understands.

When you’re afraid things won’t work out, he knows and understands.

He sees your struggles and he’s more than willing to help you.
Don’t go hiding. Come closer. Ask for help. He’ll help you through it.

Women; Let’s Tell Each Other The Truth

Dear women, can i be candid with you for a minute? a lot of us women are emotionally, psychologically & verbally abusive. A lot more are silently manipulative. Seemingly quiet outside, they are pros at playing the victim. Their husbands and family know better

Let us be honest; there are manipulative women who play on the heavy sentiments about “domestic violence” to wreak havoc on their husbands. Don’t be deceived by the world’s definition of “Strong Woman”.

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A Truly Heart Breaking Mother’s Day Story…

When I was 5 years of age, I watched my mother get beat down by my father. It happened on multiple occasions, and one time I remember him beating her unconscious. I guess the beating was so bad that when she woke up, and stood back on her feet, she stumbled again and fell to the floor once again losing consciousness.

Before she fell to the floor, she told my aunts who were there, “Get my son out of here.” as her voice trembled, her eyes shed tears, and finally she hit the floor. I got scared, and instead of my aunts running to take me out of the room, as my mom had demanded, they ran to her aid. My father wasn’t there to grab me either because he had left as soon as he beat her unconscious.

A year later, my father brought her and I across the border, crossing from Mexico to the United States.

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Yin Yang Express! – Chinese Cuisine Delivered To Your Doorstep!


Love to have your meals delivered to you at home or in the office? Here’s introducing Ying Yang Express; the premium Chinese restaurant that meets your take-out needs.

The menu is rich, the food is delicious and the delivery is quick and the service is affordable.

Yin Yang Express is located at No 5 Admiralty way, Lekki and at Circle Mall, Osapa, Jakande round-about, lekki Expressway Lagos.

Delivery service presently covers; Ajah, Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Marina, and Lagos Island.

Call 08095254241 or 08095254248 to order. Follow Yin Yang Express on twitter @YinYang_express and Instagram @YinYang_express

Dear Men; Women Are Not Inferior To Us – FLOROCKA


Dear Men,

Society, tradition and culture has schooled us that women were made by God to do our bidding; that they are lesser than us and must be subdued, tamed and kept on a leash.

These entities have refused to acknowledge the role God has destined for the woman in creation. They have told us nothing but lies! Even if a woman behaves unseemly, stubborn and refuses to adapt or conform to what we call ‘accepted behavioral patterns’, it doesn’t give us the impetus to ‘trample’ on them.

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Love Is Dead

Love is dead and no one Is mourning. No one mourns because no one knows

They see the flowers, we see the smiles, the soft whisper of sweet words and feel the sensual embrace of the lover.

Gold, silver, pearls and rubies. All beautiful and shiny. Bright lights and starry eyes. Perfect smiles and perfect photos.

They have been carried away by the lure of Eros.

Love is dead and no one mourns. No one mourns because no one knows

No one knows because the impostor is here. He says:

Take it. Don’t give it

Say it. You don’t have to mean it

If you want it, go get it

Have sex with it. You don’t need to marry it.

Love is dead and no one mourns. No one mourns because no one knows

No one knows because no one sees. Blinded by the Impostor’s lies, they do not see. Covered in fear and shame, they didn’t look up.

If they did, they would have seen him. Pierced side, punctured palms and feet, evidence of his suffering. Evidence of true love.

Arms open, heart open wide. Eyes pleading. Waiting. Look he says. I am he. I am true love. And I live.

But will they believe?

New Video: Unchangeable God – Joe Praize

Here’s the brand new video to one of my very favorite Joe Praize songs; Unchangeable God.

The video illustrates the power of God to take control of dire circumstances and the fact that He remains the same today;  still changing situation and circumstances.

Joe Praize says; “There is only one God that has the power to change things for our good permanently… His name is Jesus Christ.”

Watch the video below:

Would You Do It To His Face?

Think about this for a moment. Are there things you do or say that God won’t be happy with?

Are there things you do that you will be uncomfortable if anyone else finds out because you know they’re wrong?

When you’re doing those things, do you know God is right there watching?

Would you like to continue doing it to his face?

Think about this for a moment…

PODCAST: About Standing Out & Being Different With GAISE

Hi! This Episode on THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW, I sat down with Afro-Fusion artiste GAISE to talk about the necessity of standing out from the crowd, the challenges that come with choosing to be different and Gaise also shared some of the lessons he’s been learning as a young married man and a brand new father. You’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

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