Take Your Own Advice First…

Have you ever been advised to take your own advice? Yeah well…  God taught me that in a rather abrupt manner and i’m glad he did because i hadn’t been doing that in a while. (at least not consciously.)
You know God gives us words in either songs, sermons, poems, or articles depending on our individual gifts. And it’s just so easy for us to get carried away with sharing what he has given us before it has helped us the messengers.
If God gives you a revelation, it’s for you first before anyone else. Let the sermon preach to you first. Let the word minister to you first.

Before you rush to share, let it instruct you first.  Let it do its work in you. Because it is meant for you.

One Reply to “Take Your Own Advice First…”

  1. To personalize it to our daily human life and see how its actually affect us personally so dat we can make some necessary changes.

    There is a lot of lesson to lean here. God bless u 4lah.

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