Nothing To Worry About …

“Don’t worry; be happy”

My fear of the future is so unreasonable. Sometimes I get so carried away by the blowing winds and waves around me and like Peter in the bible I start to sink into the sea of despair.

And then, the Holy Spirit reminds me:

1. Who made me? Formed me and gave me a destiny and purpose before I was even born?
2. Who has kept me alive and seen me through every storm from childhood to adulthood?
3. Who is in charge of my future because he knows the end from the beginning?
4. Have I ever really wanted for anything to the point of destitution?
5. Have I ever gone without food, clothing or shelter?

Read these questions and if you answer them everyday like I do, you’ll see why trusting God is the best decision you can ever make.

He’s the creator, we are his creation. He has good plans for us, he didn’t create us to destroy us.

We will be just fine. There’s nothing to worry about.

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