Gratitude Is Beyond Saying “Thank You”

We live in a culture of entitlement. Everyone expects something from other people. Some expectations are valid, while some are just plain unreasonable.

People always say that the entertainment industry is a place where loyalty is practically non-existent. and while I have experienced my share of back-stabbing and outright betrayal, I somehow still try to look for the best in people and extend my hand to help out in the best way that I can.

Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been any improvement. Ingratitude abounds and it’s disheartening to see God’s children becoming susceptible to this sinful trait.

Gratitude and thanksgiving is a fruit the Spirit of God produces in us as children of God. We are taught to acknowledge God for all he does in our lives; we also must appreciate other people that he uses to bless us in different ways.

Apart from the spiritual dimensions to it, it’s just plain good manners.

Gratitude is beyond saying thank you for a favour. Gratitude is your entire attitude towards something that has been done for you and your actions thereafter.

Gratitude isn’t grovelling. Gratitude understands that whatever was done for you or given to you didn’t have to be done or given and appreciating the fact that it was done or given.

Gratitude is in how you use what have been given. Do you squander it or do you treasure it and use it judiciously?

Gratitude understands that one good turn deserves another. Gratitude is one of the expressions of true humility.



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