Christianity is Counter Culture.

Christianity is counter culture. The life we live when we yield to Jesus takes us away from our old system of living, thoughts, attitude and most importantly, our priorities change in it’s entirety.

Living in Christ requires us to place our entire existence into God’s hands for him to use as he will. Only then can we truly worship him. Our everyday, waking up, going to work life is our living sacrifice to God. It’s a sacrifice that sets us free. Free to do what he wants. Free to be who he’s called us to be.


The culture of our day says we should live for ourselves. We should live to please ourselves. It’s for a message that permeates every nook and cranny of our daily life. It’s in the advertisements we see daily, it’s in the music we hear, it’s even in the self-help books we read. “live for your self. Do what makes you happy”.

That’s the message that breeds selfishness and a life where pleasing God isn’t a priority.

We belong to God. We can’t live for ourselves.  We live for HIM. That’s how to fulfill purpose. That’s how to be truly happy.

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  1. Yes!! This reminds me of the counterkulture movement started by TPH a few years back. This is a very timely message because the world is so subtle in their message of self that draws us away from Christ. Thank you for this.

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