‘TBN MEETS’ hosted by Loyiso Bala Launches 6 May!

TBN MEETS with Loyiso Bala

TBN in Africa is proud to announce the launch of a new lifestyle programme; TBN MEETS, hosted by multi-award winning artist Loyiso Bala, on Friday 6 May at 6:30pm on DStv channel 343.

This weekly show will feature people from around the world who make a difference and impact the lives of their communities and the world.

South African singer, songwriter, TV & radio show host, Loyiso Bala, interviews a remarkable personality in each 30-minute episode, unraveling interesting truths and testimonies, while sharing never-before heard insights from their lives.

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Take Your Own Advice First…

Have you ever been advised to take your own advice? Yeah well…  God taught me that in a rather abrupt manner and i’m glad he did because i hadn’t been doing that in a while. (at least not consciously.)
You know God gives us words in either songs, sermons, poems, or articles depending on our individual gifts. And it’s just so easy for us to get carried away with sharing what he has given us before it has helped us the messengers.
If God gives you a revelation, it’s for you first before anyone else. Let the sermon preach to you first. Let the word minister to you first.

Before you rush to share, let it instruct you first.  Let it do its work in you. Because it is meant for you.

PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…


PODCAST: Single? Yes! Lonely? Maybe Not…It’s another episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW and this week, it’s all about the general misconception that all older singles are lonely. Well maybe some are, maybe some are not. And if you’re a single person living like you’re lonely, maybe it’s time to find out that you’re probably not!

So, sit back, relax, listen, download and share this week’s podcast! You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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EVENT: ‘Korinsódì: An Evening With Gaise.’


Afro-fusion artiste, Gaisebaba is set to disrupt Nigeria’s music scene with the maiden edition of his revolutionary concert ‘Korinsódì: an evening with Gaise.’

The unusual concert will feature unusual performances from some of Nigeria’s most talented musical acts including 9ice, veteran producer ID Cabasa, Isaac Geralds, opera singer Ranti, Saco, EmmaOhMyGod and many more. The award-winning singer has also concluded plans to premiere the highly anticipated video to his latest hit single, Titilai, in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the concert, excited Gaisebaba said;

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Where Does Your Money Go?

I was sitting at the back seat of a cab, admiring the landscape on the way to Admiralty in Lekki when i heard the Holy Spirit ask me : where does your money go?

Of course I tried to give him a list of what my monthly responsibilities were, and I became sadly aware that I had fallen short when he gently pointed out how little of my finances go to the preaching of the gospel.

Frankly speaking, I spend way too much on food.

A lot of us might not be able to physically go on mission trips, preaching the gospel to all the corners of the earth, but we should support those who do.

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Nothing To Worry About …

“Don’t worry; be happy”

My fear of the future is so unreasonable. Sometimes I get so carried away by the blowing winds and waves around me and like Peter in the bible I start to sink into the sea of despair.

And then, the Holy Spirit reminds me:

1. Who made me? Formed me and gave me a destiny and purpose before I was even born?
2. Who has kept me alive and seen me through every storm from childhood to adulthood?
3. Who is in charge of my future because he knows the end from the beginning?
4. Have I ever really wanted for anything to the point of destitution?
5. Have I ever gone without food, clothing or shelter?

Read these questions and if you answer them everyday like I do, you’ll see why trusting God is the best decision you can ever make.

He’s the creator, we are his creation. He has good plans for us, he didn’t create us to destroy us.

We will be just fine. There’s nothing to worry about.

There’s No Such Thing As a Soul Mate!

The philosophy of a “soul mate” has done far more harm than good in our society. First and foremost, it’s a concept that is rooted in ancient mythology. Story has it that the gods split human beings as a form of punishment for their pride.

Since then, human beings have been on the search to find their “soul mate” in an attempt to reach completion once again. Ancient mythology declares that there is this unspoken knowledge—some sort of feeling a person experiences when they come face to face with their soul mate. It’s the idea that we’re half-full people waiting around for someone else to complete us.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

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PODCAST: About Love & Celebrity Relationships With Adekunle Gold

This week’s episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW features Nigerian singer/songwriter; Adekunle Gold, who is quite famous for his soulful love songs and softly romantic lyrics. Adekunle Gold’s new song talked about his searching for Love, so i sat with him to discuss his views on celebrity relationships and what his ideal woman would be like.

Oh yes! True to his romantic form, he brought me a whole box of delicious cupcakes! 🙂

Enjoy the show

I Cannot Afford To Go Hungry!

Recently, my attention was drawn to the famous story of Esau and Jacob in the bible. Everyone remembers how Esau was the guy who made a really bad decision and had to live with the terrible consequences. He gave up his entire inheritance in exchange for a bowl of beans because he was hungry and couldn’t control himself.

There’s so much more to the story of Esau and Jacob I’m sure you know that. (Especially if you were raised in church and attended Sunday school) but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how like Esau I can be if I let my guard down.


Truth is several times without number, I have acted just like Esau; giving up important treasures because I needed immediate gratification.

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Connect Not Emotionally “Attach”

Do you ever meet people you’re drawn to help in some way? I’m not talking about doing the little you can when they ask you for help. I’m talking about connecting on such a deeper level that you feel their pain, you are elated at their success and you’re down at their disappointments.

I believe that some of us connect this way to some people’s needs because it’s a calling and a divine assignment. We’re destiny helpers. God sends us to his kids and we do what we’re called to do and move on to the next one.

We however do need to be very careful how we handle our assignments.
It’s easy to misinterpret that divine connection if we walk in the flesh.
If we’re not sensitive to the holy spirit, we can allow our emotions to rule us and ruin everything. We are not sent to get emotionally directed, we are not sent to “fall in love”. We are sent to do a job. Do it with a purity of heart and motive.

We give, we encourage, we assist, we build, we motivate and we love sacrificially. All in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Understanding that we are messengers sent on a mission, and answerable only to the master who has sent us.

Gratitude Is Beyond Saying “Thank You”

We live in a culture of entitlement. Everyone expects something from other people. Some expectations are valid, while some are just plain unreasonable.

People always say that the entertainment industry is a place where loyalty is practically non-existent. and while I have experienced my share of back-stabbing and outright betrayal, I somehow still try to look for the best in people and extend my hand to help out in the best way that I can.

Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been any improvement. Ingratitude abounds and it’s disheartening to see God’s children becoming susceptible to this sinful trait.

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What I Really Want For Me & You….

If there’s one desire I have, is to show you Christ. Not merely point you in his direction or tell you about him, but to have you experience him as you interact with me and get to know me. I am by no means perfect, but I’m seriously working on my faults and asking for God’s grace not to lead you to stumble through anything i might say or do.
We might never physically meet, hang out or even become best friends, but in my life, you’ll get to know how deep, how intense and how passionate God is towards you.
I only hope I can truly introduce you to Jesus and encourage and inspire you to live for him. Trust me; he’s worth everything and more.

PODCAST: Faith, Creativity & Finding Purpose – Kahli Abdu

Here’s this week’s episode of THE FAVORED WOMAN SHOW. On this Episode, you’ll hear Nigerian Born Rap Star, Kahli Abdu address deep issues of faith and creativity and the conflicts faced as an entertainer trying to be who he’s been created to be and staying true to his calling as God’s child.

This Conversation is heartfelt as Kahli shares deep personal experiences that have shaped him to be the artiste he is now.

Follow Kahli on twitter @Kahliabdu and check out his music —> HERE

Connect with him at www.kahliabdu.com


That ‘Gist’ Isn’t Really Worth It..

Do you ever leave a conversation feeling ‘tainted’? It’s like after the ‘gist’, you feel like a portion of your ‘holiness’ have been drained off. You just can’t help feeling like there was something off about the conversation you’ve had and there’s that nagging thing you can’t seem to shake.

I sincerely hope that this post does not come up as self-righteous in any way; because that’s not the intention.  I just want to draw your attention to the fact that if we are more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, he’ll point us in the right direction and we will not sin with our tongue in keep company with those who will make us sin with our words.

Gossip, slander and tale bearing is very rife these days. Sometimes, it can be so subtle that we do not even notice when we have started participating. One gist leads to the other and we start to peddle unconfirmed ‘gist’ as though we have first-hand information.

Even when we do, must we ‘dish’?

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Christianity is Counter Culture.

Christianity is counter culture. The life we live when we yield to Jesus takes us away from our old system of living, thoughts, attitude and most importantly, our priorities change in it’s entirety.

Living in Christ requires us to place our entire existence into God’s hands for him to use as he will. Only then can we truly worship him. Our everyday, waking up, going to work life is our living sacrifice to God. It’s a sacrifice that sets us free. Free to do what he wants. Free to be who he’s called us to be.


The culture of our day says we should live for ourselves. We should live to please ourselves. It’s for a message that permeates every nook and cranny of our daily life. It’s in the advertisements we see daily, it’s in the music we hear, it’s even in the self-help books we read. “live for your self. Do what makes you happy”.

That’s the message that breeds selfishness and a life where pleasing God isn’t a priority.

We belong to God. We can’t live for ourselves.  We live for HIM. That’s how to fulfill purpose. That’s how to be truly happy.