It’s Not How You Get Started…

It's not how you get started that matters. It's what you do, once you keep going..

Beginnings are almost always rough, uncertain, and sometimes even discouraging and almost never perfect. But if you seek perfection before you begin, you will never move forward with anything.

So start anyway. Once you get going, build momentum. don’t stop. keep gathering, keep pushing, and when you do look back, you’ll be amazed at the progress you have made.


Love ya!

What To Do When You Want To Run From Everything..

More often than not in the past few weeks, i have woken up feeling fragile, worn out vulnerable and totally devoid of encouragement. Yeah it happens and somehow i had convinced myself that i needed something external, a force, some kind of stimuli or even a trip, change of location for instance to make me feel better.

Little did i realize that i have been allowing myself feel that way while the antidote is right here with me.

In my heart, i cry out for help, and God directs me to his word, his promises to me in times past that i have somehow let slip into the recess of my mind. He even had to bring a stranger my way to shake me awake.

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I Met The Girl Called Gennesaret

It’s not a common name. and she’s not your everyday girl either. But i didn’t know that either. I had seen her several times, cooking in the kitchen that i shared with my flatmates, coming in and climbing upstairs to see her sister who shared a flat with me. Sometimes, i would say a casual hello, sometimes i wouldn’t bother. Either way, i never really spared her a thought. i was indifferent.

But God had other plans. You see, a lot of times, we ignore the very people that God had brought into our lives and don’t care because we are not sensitive enough to see them and recognize them.

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