“Sin Unconfessed Is Sin Meant To Be Repeated”

Do you ever think about how easy it is to sin? How easy it is to slip up and just do the wrong thing? I think if it wasn’t easy, we wouldn’t have been warned to beware and watch and pray. Sin is attractive; and that’s why we are ‘tempted’. Look at it this way; if it doesn’t attract you, it won’t tempt you. Right?

Because we are still getting perfected, and we are still dwelling in this earthly body, we slip up now and again. We are tempted, and we fall.

What then happens when we do?

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“Be Careful What You Say” – By Melissa Adebiyi

Guest Post written by Melissa Adebiyi

We are what we say, our breakthroughs and failures are all embedded in our mouth…

Proverbs 18:21: for by our words we are justified or condemned. the words that you speak are windows to your heart, and of all the drugs used on earth, words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind.

Luke 21:15…”for I give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.”

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#NewFavorite: ‘Elu Agogo’ – @FLOROCKA

Elu Agogo
It’s an early Christmas for Music Producer/Songwriter FLOROCKA as he introduces the brand new Christmas Single off his Holiday Album; ANOTHER CHRISTMAS ACCORDING TO FLOROCKA.
The New Single “Elu Agogo” (Yoruba for Jingle Bells) is a beautiful folk remake of the familiar Christmas Anthem, delivered in the classic ‘ROCKA edgy style.
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Give Love… Get Loved In Return….

It’s amazing how we can preach a biblical principle and hardly experience it ourselves. And when we finally do, our minds are blown away to epic proportions.

So for a while i have been learning about loving on other people and living outside of myself. It’s not an easy lesson i tell you. especially for someone whose life has always revolved around what works for her. But somehow, God kept me on track and drags me back on course when i stray.

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