I Don’t Want To Be ‘That’ Christian…

This short post is inspired by an article J.S Park wrote HERE. I read it and it resonated loudly in my spirit and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Perhaps because i recognized what God had been bringing to my attention of late.

You see, it’s easy to pick out what is wrong with today’s church. And it’s easy to be upset and “come out and be separated”. It’s also easy to slip into a life and culture that is unwilling offer grace and look upon the organised church and fellow Christians with contempt.

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This Thing About ‘Humility’…. It’s Not Easy.

It’s interesting how God will draw your attention to something you need to learn and just as you’re about to feel good that you’ve grasped it, you face the ultimate test that reveals how little you have really learned.

It’s easy to read scriptures about pride and humility and come away feeling righteous especially after we have ‘broken down’ and prayed for a character transformation. However, living a life of humility is a different ball game all together.

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5 Year Old ZAMAR Debuts New Single! Listen HERE:

ZAMAR: Her name; a Hebrew name  meaning To make music to God, aptly describes the heart of this little girl who is a joy to not just her father’s heart, but the hearts of everyone who meets her.

ZAMAR practically grew up on her father’s knee while he produced music in his studio, and as the leaf does not fall far from the tree, her dad’s musical genius and love for worship has clearly rubbed off on her.

At age four, ZAMAR has featured in 2 of her dad’s albums; contributing a prayer skit on THE WORSHIP SESSIONS Season 1 and an Intro and Outro on THE WORSHIP SESSIONS Season 2.

ZAMAR is five now and here’s her debut single. In this very simple song of worship, her innocence and purity shines through as she sings clearly and sincerely.

The song is produced by her dad (FLOROCKA) who also assisted with background vocals.


Just In Case You No Longer Hear Me On Radio….


Hehehe! Don’t be scared. I’m still very much on air. But my schedule has changed. You can now listen to me at these times:

Monday – Friday: RADIO AFTER DARK: 1am – 5am

Thursdays: TALK ENTERTAINMENT: 11am – 12:noon

Sundays: THE REFRESH: 9am – 12noon


There you have it! I am still on radio and looking forward to hearing from you!

I Have This Feeling That My Life Has Changed…

It’s funny how we sometimes yearn for change, ask for change and even pray for a change and when that change finally happens, we resist and fight it because it did not happen like we expect or like we imagined.

I am not immune from this, i tell you. I find myself asking God to use me, send me and bla bla bla and when he finally decides to answer my prayers, i am disappointed because he did not answer it like i want him to.

But i am learning to embrace whatever he decides to do with me. After all, i had told him i trust him to take care of me. It’s not easy i tell you.

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Your Greatest Offering…

romans 12

I haven’t written anything lately. Not because I don’t have anything to write, but because I needed to soak in, digest and learn all that I am being taught first.

It’s been an incredible couple of weeks and it all came to a head these past few days. Recently, I got this revelation of being God’s errand girl. I thought I understood what it meant. Little did I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

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