I Don’t Have “To Feel Humbled”…

So I have been learning some important lessons about humility and I think that humility is one character trait that we would all like to believe we possess.  But we can hardly think we are humble without feeling some pride in our “humility” and that just negates the whole thing right?

I am learning that there is no such thing as “feeling humble” because humility is not a feeling. It can begin as an attitude that then develops into a core character trait.

In my industry, when people say they “feel humbled” (especially after an award or a special recognition of some sort) what they are really saying is that they feel somewhat undeserving of that recognition and are grateful for it.

But is that really humility? Maybe not.

I think humility is understanding the grace of God that has brought us to the position we occupy, appreciate it and realize that it ultimately doesn’t belong to us.

Saying you feel humbled while your heart is busy soaking in all the accolades is phony. We have to learn to deflect the glory.

Humility shines through everything we do. Humility recognises purpose in us. It understands that God’s work in us is responsible for every success and it’s what makes us live outside of ourselves.

Humility opens our heart to others and their needs because we realize we are no better or more special than they are. It’s all God’s grace.


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  1. truly its very easy, and sometimes even almost unnoticeable, for one to infuse some pride into one’s humility. its like washing one’s hands in very dirty running water- though the idea is that the hands are being washed, they are actually not getting any cleaner. even when showing an act of humility or kindness, once the source or even the outcome of such act is tinted with pride, we have already gotten our reward, from men!

    there is a lot of difference between enjoying or feeling good about a particular situation or event (such as when I passed my 2nd MBBS exams months ago) and feeling proud about it.

    it behooves us to always remind to have the same kind of mind as Christ had.

    thanks Fola!

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