No. They Won’t Let You “Be Yourself”…

So many times, i hear people say to me: “I like you because you are so real. Please keep on being yourself”. I used to think i know what that meant, but these days i’m not sure i do.

I have since realized that when people tell you to keep being yourself, they really don’t mean it. What they are actually saying is, “keep being the version of you that we like and we are comfortable with”.  They ask you to be “yourself” but the moment they can’t understand your actions, can’t figure you out or you step out of formation, they are right there telling what to do, what to think and how to live your life.

“I don’t like the way you left your hair unstyled”.

“Why don’t you wear more skirts?”

“You should wear more make-up”

“Why don’t you hang out more”

And on and on… the unsolicited advice never stops.  They want you to “please be yourself” but they won’t let you be.

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