#NewFavorite: PETER TOBE – Abasi Ya

I get sent tons of new music every week and i think over time i have just become rather numb. But this man right here, woke me up from my slumber and i just can’t shut up about it. His name is Peter Tobe and he’s a Nigerian worship music artiste based in South Africa.  He has a brand new album and he emailed me 5 Tracks off the album and they are AMAZING!

I can’t post the songs here for obvious reasons. you’ll just have to buy the album or listen to my radio show on sunday mornings to hear the songs.

I will however post a non-downloadable song here so you can have a feel, but please make sure you buy the album. You can find Peter Tobe on twitter @IamPeterTobe and the album is called “A New Song”. It’s available on iTunes.

Listen to ABASIYA YA

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