Today I Met The “Friends” I Never Had

I never imagined I would one day write something like this but after what just happened to me, I found myself seeing life from a whole new perspective. Today, I witnessed and felt first hand, the effects of gossip and backbiting in its entire evil form.

I walked into a conversation 3 people that I once regarded as “friends” were having about me. I stood there for more than 10 minutes without their knowledge and heard their opinion about me and it felt like I swallowed a chunk of lead. (I even heard that my Christianity is not real!)

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Why You Really Wanna Wake Up Early On Sundays!



Music, Inspiration, Life & More...

I am so excited about this! Music is sacred, it’s spiritual and it definitely changes people. And when i am being given the opportunity to play music that speaks to the soul, you bet i’m gonna jump at it with all i’ve got.

So, from this sunday, you can tune in to 99.3 Nigeria Info FM EVERY SUNDAY at 5am for an amazing time of the word. music, soul stirring interviews like you’ve never heard before.  The show is called THE REFRESH and it will be hosted by me and my colleague and friend, Adenike Oyetunde. (she’ll do one sunday, i’ll do the next…. and so on…)

If you’re outside Nigeria or not in Lagos, you can listen online at

I can’t wait!

Dear Christian Woman, Your Body Is NOT Yours….

Feminists won’t like this. But as christian women, (and men), the word of God is what we live by and not the philosophies and ideologies of man.

This evening, a friend of mine, posted a picture she had taken to celebrate womanhood and gender empowerment and she received a lot of criticism because of the body paint. (and the nudity of course). As a work of art, i must say, it looked gorgeous and i absolutely loved the boldness and the paint.

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I Don’t Have “To Feel Humbled”…

So I have been learning some important lessons about humility and I think that humility is one character trait that we would all like to believe we possess.  But we can hardly think we are humble without feeling some pride in our “humility” and that just negates the whole thing right?

I am learning that there is no such thing as “feeling humble” because humility is not a feeling. It can begin as an attitude that then develops into a core character trait.

In my industry, when people say they “feel humbled” (especially after an award or a special recognition of some sort) what they are really saying is that they feel somewhat undeserving of that recognition and are grateful for it.

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He Brings True And Brave Men…

Do you know that when God gives you an assignment, a job, or a mission, he supplies all that you need to do it? Apart from preparing you mentally, he prepares you spiritually and even gives you the physical support needed.

Read the story of the very first king of Isreal in 1 Samuel chapter 10. God selected Saul from a particular tribe, and then led him to prophet samuel to be anointed. Look what happened:

1 Samuel 10: 1-2 (MSG)

 1-2 Then Samuel took a flask of oil, poured it on Saul’s head, and kissed him. He said, “Do you see what this means? God has anointed you prince over his people.

And see what the prophet told him:

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No. They Won’t Let You “Be Yourself”…

So many times, i hear people say to me: “I like you because you are so real. Please keep on being yourself”. I used to think i know what that meant, but these days i’m not sure i do.

I have since realized that when people tell you to keep being yourself, they really don’t mean it. What they are actually saying is, “keep being the version of you that we like and we are comfortable with”.  They ask you to be “yourself” but the moment they can’t understand your actions, can’t figure you out or you step out of formation, they are right there telling what to do, what to think and how to live your life.

“I don’t like the way you left your hair unstyled”.

“Why don’t you wear more skirts?”

“You should wear more make-up”

“Why don’t you hang out more”

And on and on… the unsolicited advice never stops.  They want you to “please be yourself” but they won’t let you be.

#NewFavorite: PETER TOBE – Abasi Ya

I get sent tons of new music every week and i think over time i have just become rather numb. But this man right here, woke me up from my slumber and i just can’t shut up about it. His name is Peter Tobe and he’s a Nigerian worship music artiste based in South Africa.  He has a brand new album and he emailed me 5 Tracks off the album and they are AMAZING!

I can’t post the songs here for obvious reasons. you’ll just have to buy the album or listen to my radio show on sunday mornings to hear the songs.

I will however post a non-downloadable song here so you can have a feel, but please make sure you buy the album. You can find Peter Tobe on twitter @IamPeterTobe and the album is called “A New Song”. It’s available on iTunes.

Listen to ABASIYA YA

Homosexuality Is Not The Only Sin….

This is how some Christians typically read 1 Corinthians 6: 9. It’s easy for us to point at the sawdust in another person’s eyes. talk about their failings and point fingers at their imperfections because when we do that, we don’t have to look at our own lives too closely.

Sin is sin. And we all sin. Let’s try not to demonise people because they sin differently from us.

Good news here though! Jesus has taken care of the sin problem once and for all! Why not spread THAT news instead!?