I Almost Killed Myself On Thursday….

I am not sucidal or anything.. (although i almost feel that way when i have to preview certain songs before airplay). However, after what happened to me on thursday, the headlines would probably have read like: “Nigerian Radio Presenter Kills Herself While Cleaning Bathroom”. (That is if i even make headlines)  But the devil is a liar.

So what happened was i got home early from work and i decided to scrub my bathroom wall tiles with the new Harpic cleaner and Hypo Bleach i had just bought. This was not the first time i had cleaned with both cleaning agents but on this day, something went wrong.  Very wrong.

I poured the harpic into a bowl, poured a capful of bleach into the bowl, and as i bent to pick up my scrubbing brush, i inhaled the fumes unconciously. I immediately felt light-headed and instinctively put the bowl away from me. I should have gotten as far away from that bathroom as possible but i did not. I poured the content of the bowl on the tiles and scrubbed for like 10 seconds before i could’nt take it anymore.

I rushed out of the bathroom into the bedroom and i started to choke. My chest became so tight and breathing was becoming hard labour. I got out of the bedroom in a hurry and laid on the couch in the living room, chocking so hard that Rita was scared. She stood at the bedroom door, hair raised and looking lost.

My flatmates Nelly and Adenike were the angels God placed on duty for me that day. Made me lie down in front of a standing fan. and i was still chocking. And while struggling for breath, my stomach started heaving. I dragged myself outside and was sick all over the yard. At that point, with my chest burning and gasping for breath, i asked God if this was it. Have i mistakenly poisoned myself to the pearly gates? And the spirit of God said: “Not by a long shot”. So i calmed down.

Adenike asked if i wanted to go and see a doctor but i refused. (Not advising you to do the same oo) I refused because i had a witness in my spirit that i would be Okay. and that’s what i kept saying. “I’m gonna be okay”

Well, the throwing up subsided, i started to breathe easier and i went upstairs to lie down. ( I was still scared of entering my room). The whole ordeal lasted two hours before i could get myself together. My chest remained tight and it burned mildly till the next morning.

I’m very fine now but i learned an important lesson: Never Mix Harpic and Hypo. That stuff is chemically lethal.

and most importantly, God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1 


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  1. Adupe lowo Olorun o. Thank God for life and may he continue to protect you from harmful substances we unknowingly expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing sis.

    P.S: you are way too precious not to make headlines. I love you & I’m glad our paths ever crossed.

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