31 Years Old & Fabulous! Not Perfect Yet, But I’m On My Way!


I don’t have a long emtional birthday post today. All i have is a thankful heart for being alive and fulfilling purpose. There was a time when i was worried about what i would be doing at a certain point in my life. Will I be rich? will i be successful? will i be happy? will i be relevant?

And then God showed me the problem with thinking that way is that it was all about me. I was too focused on me. He showed me the source of true happiness and fulfillment; caring for others and using what i have been blessed with to bless others. I relaized it’s not about me. It’s about the lives i can reach out to.

Suddenly, i had a mission. I had a purpose. My life means more now that I have found my assignment.

For that i am grateful. I am happy, I am blessed beyond measure. I enjoy God’s grace, mercy and favour beyond imagination. God has been good.

At 31 years old today, I am where God needs me to be, doing what he’s asked me to do. I am learning and i am growing. Not perfect yet, but I’m on my way!


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  1. Happy birthday 4Lah, many more years in His service; God owes no one, I know He wl continue with you on all areas of us need.

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