Face Your Own Heat

How do you learn faith without an impossible obstacle?

How do you learn forgiveness without being hurt?

How do you learn courage without having been confronted with fear?

How do you learn to love without being despised?

How do you learn patience without being pressured on every side?

How do you learn grace without having sinned?

How do you learn mercy without having been offended?

How do you learn self control without being tempted?

God is not against you. He hasn’t forgotten you. You are being given a chance to grow. A Diamond  is just a piece of carbon, that has faced  intense pressure and heat.

Face your heat. Rise up a diamond!

I’m Not So Focused On Where I’m Going….


Sometimes I feel like I’m not making progress. I feel like I should be banking 6 digits monthly, driving a shiny car, snuggling with a hunk, whose rings are on my fourth finger and making national if not global headlines.

But how many of us are actually where we think we should be? When that feeling of inadequacy and stagnation descends and weighs on you like a wet blanket, christianese cliches like “God’s time is the best” and ” God has great plans for your life” just don’t cut it.

I have found myself here so many times that I had to ask God what exactly is happening to me. Is my faith weak? Sometimes yeah. Do I love God? Absolutely Yes! So why do I constantly feel like I’m not doing or getting enough?

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When “I Want To Marry You” means “I Want To Sleep With You”


When I saw the above tweet, believe me i was stunned and then i was livid. Interestingly, not at the guy who tweeted this; but at the horde of single women who have allowed themselves to become this statistic. The sad fact is that, this guy is right. Most single women above 26 are easily lured into empty relationships because they are quick to bite on the “marriage bait”.

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#NewFavorite: Tosing Ojuri – Ibi Giga (Video)

I haven’t posted new music in a while and i am sorry about that. Honestly, i think it’s because i am very careful about what i share with you here. I want everything to touch you and bless you in some way. Talking about music and blessings, Tosin Ojuri is someone whose resilience and sincerity has always been an inspiration to me. He’s been on this music thing for a while and i can tell you that his relationship with God shines though his words and his music. I am priviledged to be on his BBM contact, and Tosin inspires me everyday with his quotes and inspirational messages.

This particular song is a personal favorite and i’m so excited he’s finally shot the video. It’s called “Ibi Giga” (meaning the higher place). Watch after the cut:

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Would You Like To Have Cancer? He Asked Me…


This question, as weird as it sounds, shook me to the very core of my being and it made me see myself like i have never seen before.

Last week, a friend was invited to speak at several events marking the national cancer week. She excitedly told me about it and while I smiled a toothy smile and expressed my excitement, my insides were twisted with ugly envy and jealousy. I wanted to be the one invited. I wanted to be the one speaking. It’s hard to admit but it’s true.

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If Jesus Was On Earth Today, He Would Embrace Caitlyn Jenner

So the new photos of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) hit the internet and social media is in an uproar. Of course, it’s not a secret that hollywood is seriously doing all it can to push the LGBT agenda or that the culture of the world we live in is changing rapidly and morality has been redefined. But that is not the point here today.

the point is how the christian community reacts to these changes and how those reactions affect not just the perception of christianity, but our mission and calling of reconciling the world back to God. (2 Corinthians 5:19)

It’s sad to see Christians brandishing bible quotes in protest and calling fire and damnation on Caitlyn Jenner. More sad to see the threats and the barely concealed anger and open contempt displayed against Caitlyn.

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Are You Willing To Take The Back Seat?

I am created to make God's name great.

I woke up this morning to see this quote, and as usual, the instinctive response was to click “like” and move on. But then it stayed on my mind and i realized that God wanted me to think about it.

How easy it is to take the back seat? In a world and society where you are expected, instructed and advised to promote yourself, push yourself forward and put yourself first above all others.

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