Why Does It Have To Be Movies & Popcorn Every Time?



I haven’t gone on dates in a very long while. And not just because I have been busy and I actually haven’t been particularly motivated to, but because the idea of doing the same things people who live in Lagos do on dates, give me the hibbie jibbies.

We have become rather stereotyped and predictable. And unfortunately, that’s boring. Most single people go on dates with an expectation. Movies, wine, dine, conversation (or not) and the beginning of a romance that leads to the ever illusive happily ever after.

Whatever happened to enjoying each other’s company without undue expectations? Rich, deep, interesting, fun and at the same time intellectual conversation that does not end up in some kind of romantic tension?

How about just letting friendship develop naturally through shared interests?

Why does it have to be movies and popcorn every time?

I’ll like to go to Lekki Conservation Gardens, walk through, admire nature, hang out at the beach, visit an art gallery or a museum, see a play or go listen to live jazz and afro beat at Freedom Park.  Have a picnic, visit your favorite bookstore… you get the idea?

And my dear church people, being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be weird. Like that dude who asked me out on a date to an overnight praise and worship service! I was speechless for almost 5 minutes before I politely declined.

Yes I am a woman of God who is passionate about the gospel but I also enjoy life outside of the church building too. And how on earth do you ask someone on a first date to a night vigil? **insert incredulous face**

Anyway, all I’m saying is we need to get out of the drudgery of doing the same things over and over again and use the creativity God has given us. There’s a beautiful life outside the movie theatres. Enjoy it!

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