The Mixture Of God And Entertainment. How It Works For Me…

People keep telling me how I’m too “Jesusy” on social media. (On twitter particularly) strangers and acquaintances and colleagues friends always ask me: “don’t you think you are taking this God and Jesus thing too far? Then they proceed to “enlighten” me how being too “religious” on twitter is affecting my “image” and how it can be bad for my “brand”.

Sometimes I try to explain, other times, I can’t just be bothered.  I know they mean well. After all, from most people’s point of view, media and entertainment do not mix with God. Because the entertainment industry is supposed to be “sinful” and “ungodly” and entertainers are usually not perceived as godly people.

However, when God called me, he gave me a purpose. He orchestrated my involvement in the industry and his instructions are quite clear. This industry is where God has placed me and it’s for a reason. Every talent, every form of creativity is from God and it’s to serve a purpose. And even though the devil has corrupted creativity through sin, God is raising his own people in the industry who have been sent as a light to reveal the counsel of God and reconcile those who are lost to him. That’s my purpose. That’s my assignment and that’s why I’m in this industry.

About being too “Jesusy” on social media, think about this: whose image are we sent to represent on earth? I have no image or brand outside of Jesus Christ and I will use every platform he has given me to talk about him and give him glory.

The interesting thing is that, my online artiste training and resource business called DearArtiste, was not as impactful until I surrendered it to God.  In fact, every DearArtiste project was a struggle until God stepped in and took control. He gives the ideas, and provides the resources to do everything that needs to be done. Without Jesus, there is no 4LaH and definitely no

Don’t get it twisted. God is very much concerned about the entertainment industry. He has investments in us and we are mandated to let his light shine through us. After all, that is why we are here!


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  1. To God b all d glory for ur life, i believe u actually owe no one any explanation for d decisions u make as sometimes u dont originate those decisions .Remember Lions dont eat grass not due to pride ……we are d Kings Kidz .love ya

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