Why Do I Go To Church?

People go to church for different reasons. For most people around here, it’s the way we were brought up. It would be quite unthinkable for an average Nigerian family who are not Muslims or idol worshippers to stay home on a Sunday morning. We take special pride in attending Sunday services and it’s the weekly ritual.

As we grow older and leave home to begin life as adults, most of us follow that trend. Church every Sunday is non-negotiable. These days, church attendance has taken on a new meaning. For young upwardly mobile people, it’s a new avenue to make ‘good’ contacts, business connections, ‘the right kind’ of friends and for some, potential spouses.

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PODCAST: True Evidence Of Change

It’s actually quite easy to declare ourselves “saved” and “transformed” and not really know how that salvation and transformation should translate to the outside world we live in.

This Podcast will show you the true evidence of your salvation and my prayer is that it will point you to the direction God is leading you in Jesus name. Amen!


The Mixture Of God And Entertainment. How It Works For Me…

People keep telling me how I’m too “Jesusy” on social media. (On twitter particularly) strangers and acquaintances and colleagues friends always ask me: “don’t you think you are taking this God and Jesus thing too far? Then they proceed to “enlighten” me how being too “religious” on twitter is affecting my “image” and how it can be bad for my “brand”.

Sometimes I try to explain, other times, I can’t just be bothered.  I know they mean well. After all, from most people’s point of view, media and entertainment do not mix with God. Because the entertainment industry is supposed to be “sinful” and “ungodly” and entertainers are usually not perceived as godly people.

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