Why Prayers Can Be Boring…

There was a time in my life when i didn’t really like to pray. I didn’t enjoy it, and whenever i had to pray outside of church, it was always when i was desperate for something.

Even when i gave my life to Christ and committed myself to following him, my prayer life merely improved just a little bit. While i prayed more regularly, i still prayed out of duty and it felt more like a chore.

I always wondered about how some other Christians and preachers would talk about their prayers and how it fostered relationship with God and how intimate it was and bla bla bla. I would sit there listening and feeling like something was wrong with me. Like I was not “saved enough” or something.

Over time, with studying the word and actually listening, I realized I had a hard time praying because I refused to let go of the attitude I had developed about prayer as an unsaved church goer.

I grew up indoctrinated about rules. Rules for everything. Christianity to me then, was about following the rules. And even while praying, I believed I must follow those rules.

Most of us with Sunday school background made it a rigid rule and we stopped seeing prayer as an intimate conversation with our loving heavenly father.

I have learnt that i don’t have to follow the “rules” when I speak to my heavenly father. Indeed, Jesus taught us how to pray but he never boxed us into a corner where we are racked with guilt if we do not pray at the “appointed times”.

No need to feel guilty or less spiritual than that church brother who continually tells everyone who cares to listen how many hours he spends praying every morning.

Nobody has the right to set rules on how long you pray, or when you choose to pray. While it’s good and beneficial to set aside a time for God every day, don’t be pressured to make it a religion. If early morning works for you, fine. If late afternoon, night or even midnight works better, it’s all good!

Nothing stops you from talking to God in the shower, while driving, in the gym, while taking a walk… he’s God, he can hear you anywhere!

A quiet time to study, pray and hear God is important. Don’t ignore that. But choose your own time depending on your schedule.

3 Replies to “Why Prayers Can Be Boring…”

  1. Prayer is a communicayion with God, so it does not matter how you do it.. For prayer is the key to open great doors of challenges

  2. Prayer is the master key,Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer. Even Jesus pray everywhere he went to as the spirit of God led him.

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