Dear Single Women…

Let me start by saying that jerry Maguire lied to y’all.  You will not find a man that completes you. Only Jesus can do that. And he already has.  It’s a good thing to desire a husband but it shouldn’t be the goal of your existence. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to come and marry you before your life can have a meaning.  God wants to use you and frankly speaking, whether you are single or married, he will use you if you let him. So why are you waiting for marriage before you get on track with what God wants to do?

Leverage on your single status by pouring into the lives of younger women and making disciples. There are Secondary school girls, Undergraduates, and other younger girls who look up to you and think you are incredible. Seize this opportunity and mentor them.

Don’t sit around moping and trolling your married friends’ instagram photos (especially the #MyHusbadAndMe selfies)

Stop it! Pour yourself out into the lives of younger ones to the glory of God.


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