Why Prayers Can Be Boring…

There was a time in my life when i didn’t really like to pray. I didn’t enjoy it, and whenever i had to pray outside of church, it was always when i was desperate for something.

Even when i gave my life to Christ and committed myself to following him, my prayer life merely improved just a little bit. While i prayed more regularly, i still prayed out of duty and it felt more like a chore.

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Messy Christianity & The Selfish Me

“Do we know our poor people? Do we know the poor in our house, in our family? Perhaps they are not hungry for a piece of bread. Perhaps our children, husband, wife, are not hungry, or naked, or dispossessed, but are you sure there is no one there who feels unwanted, deprived of affection?

  • Mother Theresa

The above quote made me think. Recently, I’ve been drawn to the fact that i live a rather selfish life. Not because i want to be selfish really, but because i have unconsciously bought into the average upper-middle class Christian lifestyle.


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Beware Of ‘Religious Separatism’

Beware of the danger of religious separatism. That feeling you get when you hear of a “supposed Christian” brother or sister involved in sin or you come across a bunch of folks obviously doing the wrong things and not caring about God.

That slightly contemptuous look, that slight lifting up of your shoulders, that “thank-God-I’m-not-like-them” feeling, is what I call religious separatism.


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PODCAST: How To Find Your Purpose; The Nehemiah Example..

How passionate are you about your community or your industry? God has placed you where you are to be a light and there is a purpose for you there.

This podcast points to one way you can find your purpose and the first step you take as you get set to walk in it.

God bless you as you listen and share!

Dear Single Women…

Let me start by saying that jerry Maguire lied to y’all.  You will not find a man that completes you. Only Jesus can do that. And he already has.  It’s a good thing to desire a husband but it shouldn’t be the goal of your existence. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to come and marry you before your life can have a meaning.  God wants to use you and frankly speaking, whether you are single or married, he will use you if you let him. So why are you waiting for marriage before you get on track with what God wants to do?

Leverage on your single status by pouring into the lives of younger women and making disciples. There are Secondary school girls, Undergraduates, and other younger girls who look up to you and think you are incredible. Seize this opportunity and mentor them.

Don’t sit around moping and trolling your married friends’ instagram photos (especially the #MyHusbadAndMe selfies)

Stop it! Pour yourself out into the lives of younger ones to the glory of God.


How “Bad” Do I Have To Feel When I “Sin”?

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you do something or say something or find yourself in a position where you become so disappointed in yourself? I realize how easy it is for us to become hard on ourselves and become discouraged whenever we fall short in our behavior.

See this: Philippians 1: 6 (NLT) And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns”


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