Things I’m Learning Along The Way…

God has been teaching me a profound lesson these days and I am so overwhelmed. You know how you know something in principle and sometimes even preach it, but until you live it and experience it, you won’t really know how deep it is.


This past week, it’s became clearer to me that if you really yearn and thirst after God, you have to learn to surrender everything, and i mean EVERYTHING to him. Your will, your ambition, your dreams, your goals, everything you’ve ever wanted has to be yielded to his control.

Sometimes, we really want to do something big for God, we have this grand idea to win souls, change lives and take territories for Jesus. It’s Okay to want to do that but i have learnt that while we desire all these things, we have to not let the ambition drive us.

Everything has to be for him and with him and by him. We must de driven by Love. Love for God and love for people. The ambition to do great things should not push us to a point where we begin to seek glory and fame.

This year, ideas will come; inspiration to do great things will be given to you. But let him drive it. Let him direct you where he wants you to go. These days I am learning that when the ideas come, it’s best to brood on it, and let the Holy Spirit tell me what steps to take while I prayerfully wait. Darlings, the testimonies have been astounding!

I can’t repeat it enough. Let your heart be driven by Love. Trust God completely for inspiration and direction and be willing to move when he says Go!

One Reply to “Things I’m Learning Along The Way…”

  1. Lovely piece.

    Yep. Ideas will come, but we should seek the Spirit’s guidance every step of the way.

    I just invested plenty money on some project which hasn’t turned out the way I expected it to.

    Perhaps if I listened more to the Spirit, might have turned out differently.

    Lovely piece.

    Thank you.

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