PODCAST: Christianity; Not Stage Performance!

Lately, God has been dealing with me about a basic character flaw that is not quite Christlike. It’s that quirky twisted drive to do everything in public so that other people can see how  “Christian” we are. I do know that we usually don’t start out wanting to be like this; usually it all comes from a genuine desire to do stuff for God and let our light shine. But along the line, human nature takes over and we begin to bask in the applause and recognition our work for God brings us.

God is not pleased with that. Like i said before, I’m Learning. God is pruning me and disciplining me in this area. If you open your heart to correction, he will graciously change you too!

Listen, download and don’t hesitate to share! God bless you!

One Reply to “PODCAST: Christianity; Not Stage Performance!”

  1. Wow!!! Fola, thank you dear. Sharp pruning truth! No wonder, when someone in my church said she didn’t flow when I led a worship session once, I went home dejected. Lolz! It was all about me. Should be ALL about the Father. God bless you sis.

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