Zera Mass Choir Announces Auditions!

Zera Mass Choir is a non-denominational international mass choir based in Lagos, Nigeria. Powered and fully endorsed by Midnight Crew Music Ministries and E.M.I., this choir is set to take the world by surprise. With the goal of taking God’s redemption message to the ends of the earth through music, Zera’s target is to be the pride of Africa and an internationally recognized gospel mass choir within 5 years of its creation.

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#NewFavorite: GAISE – Gbagbe Oshi

When Gaise put out a notification on his instagram that he will be releasing a new single, i was excited and i waited with bated breath. and i must tell you he did not disppoint! His raw, uncut, unapologetically ethnic flow stepped up a notch higher in this new single called “Gbagbe Oshi”.

The message is not lost and the groove is definitely present! Dear Gaise, I’m a fan, FOREVER!

Listen and Make sure you DOWNLOAD!

Hi! My Name Is Fola And I’m An Addict.

Like any kind of addiction, social media addiction creeps in unannounced and silently steals your time, your energy and your productivity.

It grieves me to admit this, but in order to help myself and hopefully help you, I must admit that I have a problem. I am a social media addict.

At first, it was about connecting with old and new friends, sharing information, learning new stuff and just generally being cool. Then I realized how to connect it with my job as a media practioner, and it became about building a brand, and creating a virtual media business.

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The Uninviting Gospel…

Imagine if after the sermon on Sunday, instead of the usual altar call for salvation, your pastor says

“Come follow Jesus, and you may face the loss of friends, family, reputation, career, and possibly even your life”?

How many people do you think will respond? Will you respond?

It sounds unpalatable and positively uninviting but that  is what Jesus meant when He said, “Take up your cross and follow Me.”

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PHOTOS: Tosing Ojuri’s Album And Book Launch


On Sunday, the 30th of November, Tosing Ojuri hosted an album listening for “The Lift”; an event that  also doubled as a book launch for his Chapbook titled “Step outside the boat” (a collection of inspirational tweets and words).

The event happened at Cafe Maison, 25 Adelowo Adedeji Street, off Admiralty way in Lekki Phase 1. we had so much fun and the music was absolutely amazing! Check out the Photos 😀

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PODCAST: Christianity; Not Stage Performance!

Lately, God has been dealing with me about a basic character flaw that is not quite Christlike. It’s that quirky twisted drive to do everything in public so that other people can see how  “Christian” we are. I do know that we usually don’t start out wanting to be like this; usually it all comes from a genuine desire to do stuff for God and let our light shine. But along the line, human nature takes over and we begin to bask in the applause and recognition our work for God brings us.

God is not pleased with that. Like i said before, I’m Learning. God is pruning me and disciplining me in this area. If you open your heart to correction, he will graciously change you too!

Listen, download and don’t hesitate to share! God bless you!

Don’t Grieve Him. Don’t Break His Heart.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to break God’s heart when he’s almighty and all powerful.
Indeed, he’s all powerful and all-knowing but he is also tender-hearted and compassionate.

Psalm 145: 8 (NIV)

The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.

Think about this; if we have been made in his image like the bible says we are, it means there are things about us that mirror God.
We learned to love from God. And just as we can be heartbroken, God can be too.

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All The Glory And Honor Belongs To …. Me?


How many times do we do praise worthy and good deeds without taking pleasure in the accolades that follow?

As I write this, I also struggle with giving God the glory when I know I should.

Recently, the award winning gospel singer, Rachel Kerr had a concert in my church and I noticed that before every song, she would take time to say: “If there’s anything worthy of praise or admiration and applause in the performance, all the glory and praise belongs to God”. I remember watching her and thinking oh, how cute!


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#NewFavorite: IK WORSHIPS – Olorun Aiye

IK Worships is one worship leader that i can’t help listening to. There’s a certain kind of depth in every song he releases. This new song was released just in time for the new year, it’s called ‘Olorun Aiye’ and it speaks of God’s greatness and awesomeness.
IK Worships is a worship leader at Global Impact Ministries and a recording artiste who has carved out a niche for himself in the Contemporary Christian Music scene in Nigeria.
Click — HERE TO DOWNLOAD ‘Olorun Aiye’

It’s A New Year! Step Out & Do What You Need To Do!

Hebrews 11: 8

It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going.

People who see their dreams come true are people who have resolve, some backbone, and they are people who refuse to settle for somewhere or anywhere along the way.

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