Christian “Celebrity” Has No Place In The Church…

I’ve been hearing a subtle shift (and sometimes not-so-subtle) in some emerging leaders away from sacrifice and servant-hood to savvy staging and success, from empathy to empire, from celebration to celebrity. “I want to be famous for Jesus so I can influence many.”

Celebrity—not to be confused with having a broad influence as a leader—has no place in the church. Period. It is dangerous and subversive to the gospel itself. Celebrity puts leaders on pedestals (usually not of their own making) and then crucifies them when they fall off or fail to meet the image others have created for them. Celebrity creates unreachable “guru-status” with special inside knowledge or gifting and by default makes that gifting seem unattainable to the masses.

Jesus Himself rejected man’s pedestals and crowns, instead choosing a cross.

The gospel is a celebration of His strength in our weakness, His faithfulness in our failures, His beauty in our brokenness and His victory in places of our defeat.

Are we raising up a generation truly hungry for Jesus even if He takes them to a place of utter obscurity where they never see a stage or receive a speaking invitation?


This article was written by Michele Perry for Charisma Mag.

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