Hi! I Have Missed You!

Hi! It’s been a while i wrote anything here, and i sincerely apologize for my absence.
I actually took a trip to see my mum and my grandma and i was almost in tears when i got to Ilorin and discovered that data connection is almost impossible. Needless to say an internet dependent woman like me felt almost helpless.
Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise kinda, because i was able to spend more time with my mum, and my cousins, just bonding and chilling. It felt really good i tell you!
So… Here i am! I have missed you 🙂

Tell me, how have you been? I’ll love to hear from you!

7 Replies to “Hi! I Have Missed You!”

  1. Seriously 4lah we missed you too, those nights without you were never the same (nights on radio ooooo… Lol) glad to hear you spent good time with your mum. I wish I could do same too, now I miss my mum even more. Thanks

  2. Savouring great moments spent with family, thats quality time……nothing else will take the place of loved ones . Missed your rich introspective views on air.

  3. We missed ur write ups all this while but its better to hear that while we missed u out here some others where enjoying with u. God be praised. Thank God u are back now

  4. Reuniting with your family is a great thing.I want to use this opportunity to thank you for the write ups.They are all inspiring.
    Welcome back 4lah

  5. I have also miss your write ups and voice on nigeria info( Fola and Gbenga, now let talk to Fola and Gbenga, now is only let taik to Gbenga) so how is mum, grand mum and everybody, hope they are good. My regards ,i really missed your voice

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