EVENT: Tosing Ojuri Presents: THE LIFT

THE Lift party


First of its kind in Nigeria, this brand new music project from Tosing Ojuri stands out as an unrivaled product of passion and purpose.

In this LP, Tosing has taken a journey through the last decade of his music career and carefully selected 17 of his best works; and the result is an eclectic music album that transcends the barriers of popular culture and delivers a message that will remain relevant, decades from now.

On Sunday, the 30th of November, Tosing Ojuri will be hosting an album listening for “The Lift”; an event that will also double as a book launch for his Chapbook titled “Step outside the boat” (a collection of inspirational tweets and words).

Both projects have been specially packaged as one to deliver a message of faith and ultimately provide inspiration for billions around the world in search of purpose.

Join the event this Sunday evening at Cafe Maison, 25 Adelowo Adedeji Street, off Admiralty way in Lekki Phase 1. Time is 5pm.

Hi! I Have Missed You!

Hi! It’s been a while i wrote anything here, and i sincerely apologize for my absence.
I actually took a trip to see my mum and my grandma and i was almost in tears when i got to Ilorin and discovered that data connection is almost impossible. Needless to say an internet dependent woman like me felt almost helpless.
Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise kinda, because i was able to spend more time with my mum, and my cousins, just bonding and chilling. It felt really good i tell you!
So… Here i am! I have missed you 🙂

Tell me, how have you been? I’ll love to hear from you!

#GospelMusicMasters: @AssentTweed Is Here With A New Single & So Much More!

He came into the gospel music scene in 2007 with his debut album “Here’s my Heart” which saw the recording of his first video of the single “Let’s Get Party” taken from said album.

2009 saw the release of his 2nd album “Greater (I Can Feel It) which set a higher standard for rock gospel musicians globally. Two videos were spawned as a result of this album, the title track “I Can Feel It” and the traditional Xhosa hymnal “Kubo Bonke” featuring “The Gospel Stepper” Martin PK.

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PODCAST: The Road To Sexual Purity

The Subject of sex and sexuality usually gets a lot of church folks quite uncomfortable. For some people, it’s an opportunity to guilt trip the “unruly young people” in the youth fellowship, and the most young people have questions that most sermons about sex hardly addresses and struggles nobody in church seemed to really understand.

This Podcast, might not answer all those questions, but i believe for anyone who has questions about how to actually live in sexual purity, it will open a door to help you see how God wants you to deal with it. Listen, Download and make sure you share!


#Event: The WaterBrook Hosts Mrs Udo Okonjo This Sunday!



Mrs Udo Okonjo  is the  chief executive of Fine and Country West Africa, a renowned real estate company, and also he creator of WOW DIVAS (Women Of Worth, Walking On Water, Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed Sisters). A group in support of issues concerning women.

She is very passionate in issues that concern women and she has inspired so many women to find their focus and goal in life.

She has in many ways shown her passion for to reach out to autistic children, parents and care givers and also  in the area of creating breast cancer awareness.

A wife, business tycoon, mother and above all a woman of God. She is going to be t the waterbrook this Sunday!

Bring your friends to Eko Hotel at 10AM for an inspiring and encouraging message on Sunday 16th November 2014 !


Insurgencies, Deaths & Diseases? Don’t Panic! It Will Get Worse…

This is one of those blog posts where my heart is so full but my vocabulary is so limited. So many things to be said in so little words. But i trust the holy spirit. He will communicate it to you the way he wants.

I woke up to bad news today. Dr Myles Monroe, his wife and his daughter as well as other ministry staff, died in a plane crash.

48 school children killed and several others wounded in a boko haram bomb attack in Yobe State.

ISIS is still terrorizing the middle east and Christians are being driven from their homes and getting killed.

All this reports came at me like an unexpected tidal wave and i was left reeling in the aftershocks.

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The Pressure To Be A “Good Christian”

Nobody likes to be put under pressure. In this life, we are under one form of pressure or the other. The pressure to be successful, pressure to get married, make good grades, have a job, please your parents, even pressure to be happy.

Unfortunately, as Christians, we often feel like we’re under pressure to serve God. We “have to make him happy”. Human beings will do anything they can to avoid pressures they can do without and with this attitude, little wonder why so many run away from God.

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The Christian And The Halloween Party

Halloween is historically, a Celtic pagan ritual to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead, hence the celebration of ghosts and ghouls with costumes.

Over the millennia, modern Halloween has become a day of merriment, costumes, parades and sweet treats for children and adults. It has in recent time become an opportunity to engage in wild revelry and drunkenness in the name of entertainment.

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