Having Problems With Your Internet? Read This:

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you’re all doing good! I have some good news to share with you guys! For those of you who have been struggling with internet data use and bad network, I happily announce to you that your struggle is over. As you well know, i spend over 18 hours daily online, and as a blogger, it’s essential i have very good internet. After trying all networks and becoming frustrated, i discovered the network of all networks!

I have been using this pocket sized MiFi for a while now, it allows me to connect up to 8 devices and it’s super fast!! I download easily, watch videos online and most importantly, update my blogs easily!

The service is affordable, high quality and reliable. SMILE also has a variety of packages to choose from and whether you need single- or multi-user access, all of the devices are simple to use. it’s very affordable too! with data plans that cater for everyone.
Smile offers a variety of data bundles designed to suit every type of user. Smile lets you move between packages when it suits you. And, when you’re almost out of airtime, you’ll receive a notification so you can recharge before you run out.

If you want to share this amazing experience with me, you can order for your own by calling 08030748745 and trust me, this will be the last time you struggle with internet connection!

CALL 08030748745 AND ORDER NOW!!! – See more at: http://mrspr01.blogspot.com/#sthash.zDanBDFm.dpuf

4 Replies to “Having Problems With Your Internet? Read This:”

  1. 4lah, my friends and I rushed to get the smile after you advertised on radio and since it’s coming from you we knew it will be nothing short of excellent but believe me out of six of us only 1 person is still managing it. Smile is more like scam to me because you don’t get value for your money. No doubt it’s the fastest isp we have for now but the data consumption rate is a total scam, you pay for 5gig it finishes faster than 2gig on other networks. (I don’t want mention name) we have downloaded same video using different devices (smile and another) and smile used more bandwidth to download same video than the other. This is a first hand experience not hear say. You can read more negative review on other forums.

  2. Adeiza, I’m sorry you feel that way but SMILE is NOT a scam. Personally, the MiFi works so well for me that I’ve practically abandoned all other internet providers I was using. I’m on the 5Gig data plan and it’s very reasonable too. My experience with SMILE has been good and that’s why I’m proud to share it here. I will NEVER participate in a scam. That’s not who I am.

  3. Dear Adeiza,

    I am sorry you feel this way about smile but I can honestly tell you that smile does not in any way whatsoever cheat their customers on their date bundle purchased.

    On youtube there is a feature that determines your connection speed and plays you a video resolution matching the speed of your internet connection, you can confirm this feature when watching a video playback by clicking on the gear icon(settings icon which is the middle icon) at the button of the screen, from this option you can see the different resolutions the Youtube videos can be.

    The resolution determines how clear a video looks when it is played, The higher the resolution the more bandwidth it will consume. This feature can be controlled but most times its on automatic that is why you won’t consume the same amount of data when you watch Youtube videos with a Smile powered device and on a 3g internet connection powered device.

    Also I will advise you switch off all automatic updates on your device so that such applications does not consume your data without your knowledge. As most devices (laptops and mobile phone inclusive usually download software updates in the background).

    Please visit any of our nearest retail offices for more information if required on how to minimize your consumption.

    Please feel free to contact me on 08030748745 if you need any more clarifications or questions.

    Thank you

  4. I use SMILE (albeit in another country) and their service is amazing!

    Adeiza, try logging into your smile account and lowering the speed. It may help you manage your data.

    Also, the MiFi router shows you how much data you’ve consumed, if you suspect foul play, you can always take it to their office for further explanation.

    God Bless!

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