Bishop T.D. Jakes To Sue Secular Rapper, Young Jizzle

According to a special notice on Bishop Jakes’s Facebook page, Rapper, Young Jizzle used Bishop’s intellectual property in his music without authorization. The song; ‘Holy Ghost’ remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of TD Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies.

Apparently, Young Jizzle took a sample from Jakes’ sermon titled ‘Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You’ and used it in his song, ‘Holy Ghost (Remix)’ featuring Kendrick Lamar.

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I STAND TO END RAPE! Support The #Give2STER Fundraiser

The #Give2STER Campaign promotes an end to sexual violence and abuse. Stand to End Rape (S.T.E.R) Initiative works to end all forms of rape through education, supporting victims of rape and changing community perceptions towards sexual violence and abuse.

S.T.E.R provides awareness seminars, sexual violence and abuse education, peer mentoring, therapy and promotes sexual and reproductive rights.

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We Are All Cracked Pots…

God made us, and He knows we’re human and will make mistakes. Our job is to get up every day and do our best to use the keys He has provided for us. And when we fail, we must get right with God, receive His forgiveness and go on.

Many people feel that God can’t use them because they’re not perfect, but this is a lie. God (the Potter) uses cracked pots (that’s us) to do His work.


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Career Opportunity: TV Script Writers Wanted!

Do you think you have what it takes to work on a television series? This might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! The Single Story Foundation is looking for FOUR innovative writers with fresh perspectives to be staff writers on a series they’re producing.


Candidate(s) must be at least 18 years of age. Television production experience is not required, but strongly recommended. Past television production experience (e.g. writers’ assistant, script coordinator, etc.) is welcomed.

Those applying must submit the following in ONE DOCUMENT (include a cover page listing your name, email address and telephone number. Please do not put your name on every page) to

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Wake Up Church! We Are Sleeping!

It grieves me to write this, but it has to be said/written. As a church, we are sleeping.

Revelation 3:1-3

“Write this letter to the angel of the church in Sardis. This is the message from the one who has the sevenfold Spirit of God and the seven stars:

“I know all the things you do, and that you have a reputation for being alive—but you are dead.

Wake up! Strengthen what little remains, for even what is left is almost dead. I find that your actions do not meet the requirements of my God. Go back to what you heard and believed at first; hold to it firmly. Repent and turn to me again. If you don’t wake up, I will come to you suddenly, as unexpected as a thief.

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God’s View Of Relationships

Relationships are so important in the eyes of God. As His children, He desires that we live in unity and stay connected with one another. When we are transparent and pray for each other, something supernatural takes place.

We open the door to God’s abundant blessing and healing in our lives. When we walk in love and unity, our prayers become more effective, and His power is released in and through us.

Living in peace and unity doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone around you all the time. It means you look for common ground. It means you reach out to others; you pray for them and help meet their needs.

When we put the needs of others first, God will make sure our own needs are abundantly supplied. Follow God’s commands and pray for one another so that you may be healed!


By SpiritualInspiration

Having Problems With Your Internet? Read This:

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you’re all doing good! I have some good news to share with you guys! For those of you who have been struggling with internet data use and bad network, I happily announce to you that your struggle is over. As you well know, i spend over 18 hours daily online, and as a blogger, it’s essential i have very good internet. After trying all networks and becoming frustrated, i discovered the network of all networks!

I have been using this pocket sized MiFi for a while now, it allows me to connect up to 8 devices and it’s super fast!! I download easily, watch videos online and most importantly, update my blogs easily!

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I’m Going To Tweet Less Bible Verses & 140 Character Sermons

I want to tweet less bible verses. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off but God will help me. You wonder why?

It’s because too many of us believe that tweeting sermons in 140 characters, and cute bible verses and “christianese” means we are spreading the gospel on social media. In reality, what we are doing is sounding “religious” and alienating the very people we claim we want to reach out to.

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Join Phil Dooley Of Hillsong At The Waterbrook On Wednesday!


This Wednesday, 10th September, The WaterBrook Church is inviting you to an amazing Wednesday service with Pastor Phil Dooley, the Lead Pastor of HillSong, South Africa.

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#PHOTOS: Christian Youth Group Visits Displaced Families In Gwoza

IMG_20140906_145047Youth With A Purpose aka YWAP- an international, non-denominational christian youth fellowship that started operation in October 1999 in Kaduna and have currently spread out to over 30 centers in Nigeria and in some cities around the world including the United Kingdom, Ghana, and Malaysia.

Recently, the Maiduguri chapter of YWAP, (consisting of students of the university of Maiduguri) paid a visit to the people displaced by the Boko Haram in Gwoza.

These amazing young people prayed with, sang and encouraged the families. Check out the photos:

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About Church Leaders And Scandals…

Scandals happen in the church. It shouldn’t, but it does. It discourages the flock, and even the non-believers, but we cannot erase the fact that it happens.

However, it is not just a recent phenomenon. these scandals have been happening for a long time– since the beginning of Christianity, but thankfully, we have New Testament instruction about how to deal with them.

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