Social Media Christianity (3): “Learn It Before You Tweet It”


If you’re a social media enthusiast like me, you’ll know that the struggle to sound “deep and profound” is very real. People can easily shift from die hard arsenal fan to PDP goon and back to relationship therapist faster than you can spell your name. On social media, it’s easy to see “deep” quotes, “spiritual” and “motivational’ tweets from everyone and anyone.

As Christians on social media, I must say most of us are guiltier of this than anyone. We are the ones who want to “share our faith” and “encourage and inspire” our followers and friends, while impressing our fellow Christians with how “deep” and “spiritual” we are.

While the desire to share our faith and inspire others is not bad, we must be careful of the tendency to push our “spirituality” down the throats of other people. More dangerous to us is the rush to share every new revelation and inspiration that comes to us, most times without taking time to digest it and meditate on it first.

This desire to share is beginning to get out of hand because over time, I have noticed brethren in church who will rather tweet quotes from the pastor’s sermons rather than take down notes that they can go home and review, pray and meditate on later. And the recent awakening of the modern church to social media also contributes to this. Now, I understand and I immensely value the use of the church’s twitter handle to live-tweet sermons, I however think it should be done by those who are specifically assigned to do so by the church. Brethren should listen to the sermon, take their personal notes and after they must have gone home and digested it, the church’s social media department can THEN drive a #Hashtag discussion inviting members to participate by sharing what they have learned.

Now, I am also guilty of this and I didn’t realize how far gone I was, until one day, I was in my bathroom and the Holy Spirit told me something, and as I came out of the bath, I immediately picked up my phone to tweet what he said. Immediately, I heard him distinctly say “Learn it before you tweet it”. I dropped my phone immediately and I lay down immediately to think about what he said and pray on it.

See, when he says something to you, don’t rush to share it. Relax, think about it, pray, pick up your bible and trust me, deeper revelations will be shown to you. And you will realize that the word will become rooted and grounded in you. It won’t just be a nice, spiritual quote. It will be living and operative inside you. Causing growth and maturity in the spirit.

When God was talking to me and teaching me about Trust, I was so excited at the things the holy spirit was sharing with me, that I wrote down over 5 pages of sermon in my note book. I wanted to record a podcast immediately, and once again, I heard him say: “learn it before you teach it”.

Guys, let’s learn to allow the word to sink into us, affect us and change us first before we start sharing. The desire to impress others with our “deepness” is pride and does not please God. Truth be told, sharing what is not inspired by the Holy Spirit does not do anybody any good. All you will get is a couple of “retweets and follow-backs” and that is NOT a proof of your impact.

Remember: “The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive(Proverbs 20:27 NLT)

Check your heart every time you want to tweet a quote or part of a sermon. Do you really seek to bless someone or are you thinking it’s a great quote that will generate retweets and impress your followers?


3 Replies to “Social Media Christianity (3): “Learn It Before You Tweet It””

  1. 4lah, I totally agree with most if not all you’ve said. And I am saying thank you. However, One thing that caught my attention in your write up is your address of the holy spirit. If you don’t mind please send a notification acknowledging this message back to my mail box. I would prefer a less public discussion, maybe via an email address from you. Thank you.

  2. This is my first time of visiting your blog sis,you have spoken truth. I am not much into tweeting but I read a lot of them and I recognise that all you have said is accurate. When I do get to that point of close intimacy with the Holy Spirit I will be sure to remember this advice…….Thank you

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