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So i have been social media trolling again, just reading stuff from people who inspire me. I was about to move on to writing a new blog post when i stumbled on these amazingly informative bunch of tweets from Miss Isioma Osaje on twitter. If you’re looking forward to being a personal assistant, working as one, or thinking you can be one, you definitely need to read this and learn. She calls it, #Assistant101 and i must say, it’s awesome! Happy reading!

There are basically two classes of assistants; Executive and Personal. Let’s talk about being a Personal Assistant; because this is more entry level than Executive Assistant. But don’t jonz, some Bosses will give you the title of Executive Assistant when d only “Executiving” you will do is make copies.

Okay, so for the duration of this informative, unsolicited class on “Assistanting” (not a word), our focus is on Personal assistants.

The first thing you should know is a well trained MONKEY can do the job of a Personal Assistant expertly. And the second thing you should know is that you are intellectually superior to a well trained monkey. Let us begin

As a Personal Assistant; your Job description is pretty straight forward…ASSIST YOUR BOSS.

Pride is the last trait you will need as a Personal Assistant. If you have issues with mundane chores; quit. Carrying bags, briefcases, fetching lunch or dry cleaning are typical tasks a Personal Assistant will take care of.

A PA spends numerous hours with their Boss; and if your Boss is a brilliant/creative this is better than college. By watching your Boss execute their daily tasks; you get a blueprint of what to do or what not to do.

A useful skill that will help you make a great assistant is LISTENING and be OBSERVANT

As a PA, your boss is going to instruct you a lot, but they will leave even more things unsaid. E.g. After 4weeks of taking your Boss’s laundry to the cleaners on Sat morning, you are expected to do this on cue by week 5.

You are expected to pick up on things pretty fast. PAs are expected to make life easier, not complicate it. Don’t make mistakes that can be avoided with a simple question. Ask questions o! Better to be an “asker” than a “goofer“.

Every PA needs to have a GREAT Attitude. Don’t be rolling eyes and sighing allover the place. Better you quit. Contrary to what you think; anyone who hires a PA needs one and isn’t a Santa Claus sent to “dash” you money.

Your boss is most likely stressed and exhausted, so a bright PA is like winning the lottery.

PAs are often overlooked, but with every job, look to learn and grow personally and professionally.

You are a Personal Assistant; you are not a CEO or Business Executive. Manage your expectations.

Most people think certain things are beneath you, but as a PA, I’m sorry if you are told to wash plate; please wash it. The one thing you will learn as a PA is discipline. Discipline is super important if you’re trying to be a BIG Deal

Many PAs become discontent because they begin to expect Executive treatment. The goal is for your boss to feel good, not you. Being a PA is like being a fly on the wall, you will hear, see and learn things. Discretion is important.

Your boss will willingly and unwittingly pass down everything they know to do, because guess who is always present. There are very difficult bosses out there, but if all you learn is how to work for a demon, it is an invaluable skill.

Being a PA might seem like a lot of grunt work, but the things you will learn about your Boss’s career will make it worth it. So have a GREAT ATTITUDE, LISTEN, OBSERVE, ANTICIPATE NEEDS and BE USEFUL!

It is always best to only take a PA position with a Boss you respect/admire who works in a field of interest to you. No sense being a PA to an Artiste Manager, when your dream job is Mechanical Engineering.

Personal Assistant Today, High powered somebody Tomorrow. POWER TO THE ASSISTANTS!

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