INTIMACY; What It Really Is All About.

Occasionally we let someone in, we open the folds of our insecurity and give access to the darkest parts of us. We hand over the key, and it’s terrifying. And sometimes they bump into a raw nerve, they say a callous insensitive remark, they ridicule a strange notion we have, they poke at our dreams just a bit. It hurts pretty bad and we push them out and fold up fast. We remind ourselves, “This is why I don’t let anyone in.” And we run.

It’s right here that most people apologize like crazy. They feel terrible. They were trying to figure out how to navigate the labyrinth of your wonderful story. It’s like holding a tiny flash light in a cave of a new world. They didn’t mean to provoke those old wounds. They didn’t mean to poke fun at your dreams. They considered it an honor that they held the key, even for a few frenzied moments.

Intimacy takes work, trust, wounds, hurts, sculpting in the dark: and that takes time. It takes more than a single chance. Of course we can close the doors, at any second, when we know it just won’t work. But there are many opportunities if we had trusted a little longer, reset the tempo, and spoke up louder: it would’ve been okay. Bridges would be built. New stories are made.

You find your hand closing around theirs. They begin to traverse the folds of your heart with ease, and they learn to say those things which give life, which give freedom, which grow dreams. Intimacy is formed out of stumbling, but further down the path: there is so much light, so much laughter, so many steps to the horizon together.


Written by JS Park

2 Replies to “INTIMACY; What It Really Is All About.”

  1. Indeed! It could be very frightening to allow some stranger in to our lives. They are capable of making any thing out of it. But how are we sure its not the worst part of it they will concentrate their effort on?

    Indeed we do wanna be exploited. Perhaps discovered! So that we in turn can come to know about our POTENTIALS!
    But how do I known that she/they are the right one/people to give the key?

  2. With what I am going through right now, I want to believe there is no way to know the right person / people with the right key except a special gift from GOD. I allowed a stranger in, gave all because I wanted another life to grow as well and only God is helping me right now with how am paid back.

    I believe with God all things are possible. Maybe and just maybe some of us just deserve wrong key for now.

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