They Called Her “The Ugliest Woman In The World”. But….

Imagine if 4 million people who don’t know you and have never even met you voted you the world’s ugliest woman? And thousands of others give you tips on how you should kill yourself because according to them, you will be doing the world a favor?

All this and more happened to Lizzie Velasquez. She was born premature only 2 pounds and 10 ounces and has a condition that does not have a known diagnosis.

She is unable no matter what she eats to gain weight. Years ago a video of her was posted labeling her the world’s ugliest women. The cruel comments that accompanied the video traumatized her, and shattered her self confidence. Devastated, she wanted to retaliate. Then a realization hit her, what good is retaliating going to do, and that was not who she was brought up to be.

She decided to surrender the situation to God, and let his will be done. As the Lord took control, life began just falling into place, and she understood that she could reach more people in her condition of unique beauty. One lesson I have learned from Lizzie is that God made you the way he did for a reason, and he wants you to share that reason.

Watch Lizzie’s amazing and inspiring speech about her experience:


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