It Starts With A Thought….

Yemi Olutoye Writes…

A flimsy thought. Should I do it or should I not. I don’t want to do it but it’s like this bad habit has taken over. The devil encourages you, ‘it just a simple lie, just do it,’ ‘the pornographic video is 5 minutes, open the link’ A Christian should have the right to sin once in a while na, after all you have been serving God faithfully all this years now…

You give it a second thought without rebuking it and bingo! It becomes difficult to stop. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak becomes an excuse for engaging in immorality. After all, Paul confirmed it, he said and I quote “the things I do not want to do, I find myself doing it and the ones I want to do, I do not do them” so let’s just commit this sin, grace is available, we will ask for forgiveness.

And the devil pushes you so hard with words of encouragement that going back to the ever faithful God becomes difficult. And he tells you, God cannot forgive you, just wallow in this sin with me. You have gone too far to return!

Please, don’t believe his lies. True, grace has been made available, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for sin! If the spirit is willing but can’t seem to take charge, ask for reinforcement from the Holy Spirit! That’s why he is holy, without blemish. The companion can deal with anything that would hinder a right living with God, once you’re willing to deal with it yourself – all you have to do is ask. ASK ASK ASK. Tell him to help you get rid of that thought that eventually leads you into sin. TELL HIM! And do this with all sincerity. God be with you.


Yemi Olutoyeis an active reader, social media manager and online content contributor. He enjoys writing, constructive assessment and creative thinking. He blogs at and tweets at – @YemiOlutoye

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