#SpokenWord – “Dear Pop Culture”

Ashley King was fed up with the hold that hyper-sexualized pop music has on our youth. So, she created this spoken word poem to confront the makers of pop culture with the truth of God’s word, titled “Dear Pop Culture.

Here are the Lyrics. (Watch the video after)

Dear Pop Culture; Dear Pop Sensation:

I’m writing to you because your lies are so pervasive in this American generation. Because listening to your lies was once my brain’s fixation. But for years now, I have had the realization, that your lyrics are an uttered fabrication. That you sing with the serpent’s tongue over this nation, like lullabies in a dream world-destination –

 contorting and distorting people’s imagination. And with your controlling manipulation, we taking the sound waves that come to our radio stations. When you call us a superstar, we call it inspiration. When you sing tolerance, we feel liberation. When you dance and flaunt your body in a provocative presentation, we accept it as entertainment without hesitation.

You take the human body in all it’s beauty and creation, and present it like scum with unreserved humiliation – to a world obsessed with over-sexualization.

You say free-fall into temptation and act as if there’s no harm in the sex-game fixation. You say get drunk in a party and stir up the flirtation, enjoy the lit-up party scene saturation.

Be who you are and express your orientation. The world is about you and your instinct gratification. You sing I’m on the edge of glory with your own glorification? You fire up the feeling of victimization so that rebellion and revenge feel like the only justification, and you so conveniently offer every emotional accommodation.

While we sit back and allow your perverted narration over our lives, and let you control our destination, your lyrics are like cancer, in need of radiation.

I have watched as the youth cry out and worship you in adoration, with a crazy, obsessive, unhealthy fascination. They look to you for confirmation and validation. Because in reality, they’re yearning for a serious revelation from the depths of despair, depression and frustration. But they are jumping and taking rest on a sandy foundation, because what you have to offer, is nothing with any legitimate explanation about how the world works, or true love clarification. What they need is an internal evaluation.

Because truly they search for a God who offers a heart-transformation. And while  you can do nothing about their messed-up situation, my redeemer, named Jesus, offers redemption.

So listen to me, this is a hurt-people-hurt people duplication.  And you are only feeding them your puked-up desperation twisted into lyrics  and rhymes in a Hollywood location.

Here is my battle cry in declaration. With God on my side, I will stand against the desensitization. I’ll stand in the gap and let irritation be my motivation. And though from your standing looks good from your calculations, my God uses different equations. He says, we’re all lost and in need of salvation. He’s the author of true love and there’s no other replication


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