3 Replies to “Dear 4LaH, Should Dating Be Only For “Spouse-Hunting” Alone?”

  1. I grew up learning that relationships are in 3 stages: you meet & become friends, you court & then you marry. Dating in my opinion isn’t part of Nigerian culture & because it gives room for a lot of pre marital exercises that involve plenty emotions, I dare say it’s not scriptural either.
    My principle which i’ll give as an advice is that you open up yourself to friends & friendships while praying hard to find out who God has designed to complement you in life and when it is time, you meet him or he’ll step out from the friends’ list & you go ahead to court and marry after a little while.

  2. I don’t agree o. I think when you date, you meet different people, study them, study yourself, get to know what you like and don’t like in a potential mate. God forbid you wait and then by the time u are ready, nobody is toasting you. hiaan!

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