Do You Remember Who You Serve?

Wouldn’t it be silly if a receptionist answered the phone and didn’t know the name of the company she was representing? Wouldn’t it be silly if a sales rep never mentioned the name of his company? Wouldn’t it be silly if an employee forgot that she was an employee and imagined that she was the owner?

Silly but believable. People do the same thing to God all the time. We all go through foggy stretches where we get confused about our mission in life. We forget that we’re all managers in God’s company, that our great purpose in life is to give God glory, receive and reflect his love, and act as his agents in bringing benefit to the lives of other people. That’s why you were created. That’s why you were redeemed.

What is your life’s main purpose? Here’s one way to put it: “In all your ways acknowledge him” (Proverbs 3:6).

Isn’t it amazing how much easier our daily decision making gets when we begin the day by saying, “God, I am working for you today. Thanks for letting me into your company.”


One Reply to “Do You Remember Who You Serve?”

  1. Word!!! Many people’s knowledge of God is gotten from what they hear in church alone… No personal relationship with or desire for God talk less of saying that the works of their hands actually belonged to God… I read about a billionaire in the Forbes list who always says that he is only a worker in the firm he started that he founded and God is the CEO.. that’s the way to go abeg!

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